Update: Player IDs and bug report templates

by EA_Mai

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Update: Player IDs and bug report templates

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EA app Team

Hi Simmers,


Up until today, our approach to Player IDs here on the forums varied from game to game. While with some we asked for your Player IDs when you reported an issue, we recommended against doing so for some other games. Not all our games work the same way internally, and this is what motivated the differences in the way we have been communicating with you.


However, this unaligned approach across our different forums/games has been causing some confusion that we want to prevent going forward. Starting today, when it comes to Player IDs, we are treating all our games the same way across all our forums: we are not going to ask you for your Player ID when you report an issue -we have removed this question from the bug reports template for The Sims Mobile-, and we ask you not to post your Player IDs on the forums in the future.


We may still reach out to you via DM with a request for your Player IDs to investigate certain issues, and we still highly recommend you to note down your Player IDs in case you ever need help from us with your games. With The Sims Mobile, if you reinstall the game, restart your save game or make any similar changes, please check your Player ID again. For more information on how to find your Player ID in The Sims Mobile, please click here.


Thank you,


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