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Re: All My Pictures Turned Black

by BitterBubbly

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Re: All My Pictures Turned Black

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Photos AND paintings (anything painted from reference) that get moved into the ICYA chest all get "wiped" regardless of whether they're framed. Photos become solid black, Paintings become blank white canvases. The titles of all of the photos and paintings are still there, but the images are know, the part that actually matters? That's what's gone.  

The ICYA storage chest does not store paintings and photos. It erases them. 

I learned this tonight when I discovered that every single family photo and portrait that was taken or painted in my multi-generation legacy family I've been playing for years has been erased. Literally HUNDREDS of photos and paintings of every single member of my family throughout the years are now nothing but blank white canvases and solid black photos. It's ALL gone now. All of it. The entire family history. Just...gone.

...and to think I was so happy to finally have a place to store photos and paintings other than my sims' bloated inventories. STORE them, not DESTROY them. 

Thanks, EA! 

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