Unable to update the game to 1.67

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Re: Unable to update the game to 1.67

@brokenbr4straps  I'm confused too, but maybe it's something about your ISP.  If you'd like, I can upload the Super Patch to my Google Drive and link it for you.  It's a large download at about 1.7 GB, but once you have it, it should patch your game in a few minutes.


And unfortunately, there's no other way for you to update the game since you can't register your discs.  The launcher's attempts to update are often unsuccessful, as you've seen for yourself.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Unable to update the game to 1.67

@brokenbr4straps   When you look at the instructions on the page to download the graduated patches it says to download through the updates tab. The pc version of this game never had an updates tab in the launcher that I can recall. When you try to download the super 1.67 super patcher - the page wants to send it as a HTTP protocol. That is an unsecure  protocol and nothing is checked. The accepted way is to send executable files is to use the HTTPS protocol. I normally use Nightly browser which is a Mozilla (Firefox) build. I also tried Chrome and Microsoft Edge. None of these allowed a HTTP file to download. The error message told me it was a browser issue blocking an executable file transfer using the HTTP protocol. I then changed settings to allow the transfer and the file downloaded. After all this I don't know if the game will automatically patch to version 1.69  like it's supposed to. I am unaware of any manual pc download of the 1.69 version patch. I will repeat - the least complicated and easiest  way to install this game is through the EA app. One button to version 1.69. Mac users did not need Origin for The Sims 3 until the 64 bit version came out. Mac users were required to use Origin to download the 64 bit version through Origin. The rights to this game is owned by Electronic Arte. EA still supports this game so it is NOT public domain. Even when you purchase the game you do NOT own it - what you are paying for is a license to use the software under the EULA (end user license agreement).    hth


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