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Re: I lose all my progress in NFS Heat !!!

by Rasmus230897

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One day I was playing and I decided to sell some cars that I had and suddenly the game stuck and within minutes the game closed and when I got back in, I sent a synchronization error and when I entered I had lost everything except my level, I lost my money, my cars, upgrades, special cars, clothes, everything I've been talking to support five times now, but they don't help me recover everything It makes me sad and at the same time angry because I spent a lot of time playing and it cost me a lot to get everything I had, I invested a lot of time, I love the game but I suddenly lost my things and the desire to play was reduced because I no longer have anything and nobody help.

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My inventory isn’t being uploaded a Need for Speed Heat. And I was on level 27 and I got put back to level 23. Ever since the update I just can’t progress in this game.

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I lose all my progress in NFS Heat !!!

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Hi all...

I got  "Item System Sincronisation Failed" error yesterday in NFS Heat and I try to fix it from Origin client / Game Properties / Cloud Saves / Restore last local saved game
(This will restore your most recent local (non-cloud) save in case you accidentally overwrote it with a cloud save)


It was not fix the "Item System Sincronisation Failed" issue ( this issue EA fix today and now that error is gone ) BUT... I have different problem, my game reverted back to start and I lose ALL my money, REP and cars ( all my progress )!!!

How to get my progress back from Cloud ?  I always have enabled option "Cloud Saves" in case of emergancy like this!

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Re: I lose all my progress in NFS Heat !!!

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I’ve seen a few which it has happened to including me, and the sad news is you’re not gonna get it back. I’ve been in contact with support, and unless it gets wide spread and the people higher up hear it, then we’re screwed...

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Need for Speed not saving any Progress i made

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So i bought the game and then played for two days, the progress saved. On the 3rd day, i jumped on the game and i had to start from scratch, I still have my achievements but no Progress is saving. Everytime i start up the game i have to accept the terms, choose my difficulty and obvioulsy start from level 1. I tried several methods that were suggested in here, but none worked. 

I tried excluding the need for speed folder from windows security, i tried turning off and on cloud save in origin launcher, not only the gerneral settings but also the game settings, i reinstalled the game, i turned of windows security while playing, i even allowed the MyDocuments folder read/wirte access. IDK what to do, I need help. 

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Re: Need for Speed not saving any Progress i made

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@Hackepeter001 It just Solved: Controlled Folder Access! Dammit
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EA ignoring savegame bug?

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I’ve seen countless post being deleted about the save game bug which has caused people to lose their progress. No efforts has been made to fix it, what is going on?!?!

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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@GrizzlyOne95 it dont work for me
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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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Unfortunately, EA hasn't solved it still.


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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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@ZephyerfromZed Same problem i have been facing....llll
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