Nfs heat all progress lost

by muscleboy9

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Nfs heat all progress lost

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Here again, I had to postpone playing the game due to the fact my processor couldnt handle it 10 days ago. I replaced it and I ve been playing it the past few days. When I started the game few minutes ago I noticed my character and car were removed from the menu background and the yellow polestar took its place again. When I hit play, the game starts again from the first scene. Everything from the past few days is gone... I m getting tired of al the trouble around this game.....

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NFS Heat Data Deleted

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Had to restart computer, I was customizing my Aston Martin and saved the decal before returning to the lobby, I then quit to main menu and then to desktop. After I had rebooted my computer, I was met with a NFS that was completely reset, my rep was back to 1, it shows the car from the beginning chase and it even asked if I wanted to select the difficulty for the game again. I've played 8 hours and have several achievements that it still confirms, yet it acts like I've never played it. Help?

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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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Same issue here, I didn’t go further the choose difficulty screen just in case, but my data is apparently lost.


Furthermore, I am a member of a crew, and a friend of mine told me he stills see me and my SVJ in the crew showroom in the garage.

So the server might still think I have all my content, I don’t wanna overwrite it.



 Cloud Save is on.

@EA Help us please !

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need for speed heat lost save ps4

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Product: Need for Speed Heat
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Summarize your bug after playing the game for at least 7 hours, it crashed and it seems as i have lost all progress, decided to look at the save files on the console and it seems that it is still the file is still there but there is no way to access it as when loading the game it forces me on the beginning
What car were you using? volvo 242
Was the car your own build or downloaded from the in-game community? Personal Build
What was the last event you played? last thing i did was build a car in the garage
Was it a day or a night event? Day Event
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? play the game until it crashes
What happens when the bug occurs? it removes acces to save data as there is no save select
What do you expect to see? a save select button in the next game

honnestly just want my progress back and to know if its possible to get it back

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Re: need for speed heat lost save ps4

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@SpykeWolf I’m having the same bloody issue Had my first car at level 179 joined a friends session game crashed saying error now my car has dropped to 149 And have lost 30k cash, now keep getting a message saying item syncyronisation failed nothing is fixing this at the moment for me
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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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@muscleboy9 same thing literally happened to me after grinding and playing most of the day. lost 2.5mil and about 40% campaign progress. so frustrating!!! 

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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@MuchHonor, did you restart? I dont want to play because I think starting a new career might erase it for real, if there even is a fix for this. Yesterday it started just fine, I wasnt that far yet (had 2 cars, 240zg and a 180sx) and few bank... Rep level 14, but the game starts from 0 now...

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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Lots of people are getting this exact thing. I'd just not play it for now until they fix it, I'm tired of losing stuff over and over. Frown

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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I had the same issue about a week ago.

Started the game up and come up with a message similar to “your cloud data does not match your local save game, to continue playing please merge them” so I did, and I went from lvl 25 back to lvl 7 and lost all my cars, money, and progress. 
Emailed EA straight away and they said they were apparently working on fixing it with an update.

Still waiting for said update. 
A bit ridiculous on their behalf.

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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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The same is happening with me, can someone help us out?

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