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Wrong email/password

by RadioMan71

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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

Community Manager

Thanks for your reports!


To help us investigate this, would you be willing to send us some information? If so, and if you haven't tried already, please, reset Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools - Internet options - Advanced
  3. Select 'Reset' and check the box 'Delete personal Settings'
  4. Restart IE
  5. Open the game and try to log in again

If you are still unable to log in at the Main Menu after doing that, but you can log into the launcher and without issues, please, send me the following information by direct message, so we can investigate the situation:


  • Your username in The Sims 3
  • IP Address (you can check it here by using the same computer where you are having the issue)
  • Date and approximate time range of login failure
  • Time Zone
  • Is the game telling you your password is not correct? Is it infinitely loading?

Please, make sure to send this information by direct message - don't post your private information on the thread as this is a public forum.


Thank you,



PS. In case anyone is wondering: I've merged a couple threads about the same in a single one to keep all the information together. Wink


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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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Thank you EA_Mai,

Today I managed to sign in to the game, but after a restart it gave me an error again, deleted the save and could login again.
So resetting internet explorer could help in some cases, not in mine, it seems resetting the cache does or whatever else gets deleted when you delete your save, so you could look into that.
After doing all this I found out that the downloads from the shop were not in game anymore so I had to redownload and install that. So I guess that if you can't login and still play the game without logging in, it deletes all the purchased items from the sims 3 store, but I am not sure about this.

I still send you a pm with the more personal questions you had (ip address etc.) But thought this could also help others.
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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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After writing all this and getting something to eat, I tried to start the sims 3 again only to find out that my workaround didn't work….. so I am really hoping you guys find some sort of solution, cause in the meantime I am forced to play sims 4 (and I really prefer sims 3)
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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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I have this issue daily and I find if I play without logging in then log in once the game had loaded it's successful. 

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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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Are shop purchases still available then, or are they not in game anymore since you weren't logged in?
And you mean not logged in in the start / welcome screen, makes you capable to login after you fully started the game?
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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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I am having exactly the same issue. I am able to log in at the first screen, then I click the play icon and after loading it says incorrect e-mail or password. I enter the correct info but keep getting the same message. Sometimes it works after two or three attempts, other times it does not. I have never had this issue before. I dont know why IE is involved? I use Chrome.




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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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I'll try that
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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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Sims 3 still uses IE internally, so if you use chrome, Firefox or edge doesn't make a difference here. Yeah the game is pretty old allready, so that's probably the reason here, anyway clearing the chrome cache doesn't have any influence on this problem.
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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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Ok have just reset IE as suggested - now the game wont work correctly!

Once the game loads the first screen no longer shows the account log on, just a message that says it can't display the web page correctly. Then when I click the play button, i load the game and I still can't log on. And now it no longer recognises the DLC - ie world adventures, etc. I can run the game and can't log on from within it either.


Any ideas anyone? 

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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

@RadioMan71  Based on your description, it sounds a lot like your entire TS3 game folder in Documents was removed or deleted.  This would delete your saves as well as your store content—all of this data is located in your game folder.  When TS3 can't find this folder, it spawns a new one, but this clean folder won't have any of your content.


If you didn't get rid of your game folder yourself, it's possible that it was automatically uploaded to OneDrive.  You can retrieve the folder from there and put it back in Documents\EA, but of course be sure to remove the newer folder first.  Then disable OneDrive so that this doesn't happen again.


You don't need to be logged in, or even connected to the internet, to use your store content while you play.  I myself disconnect from wifi before launching TS3, and my content always loads just fine.  Of course, if you play through Origin, you'll need to sign in first, but you can then put Origin in offline mode and turn off your connection before loading the game.  The only store function you won't see is the in-game shopping experience, but it's better to turn that off anyway, as it's a drain on resources that your saves need for themselves.


And yes, it's possible to decline to login at the Main Menu, then do so once your save has loaded.  It has no effect on the save itself or any content in your game folder.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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