Can't Uninstall or Update Sims 3

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Can't Uninstall or Update Sims 3

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I recently re-downloaded Sims 3 on my old computer, but all of my EPs were already downloaded (They were never uninstalled). After opening the game launcher, I had to update the game. After about 2 hours, it finished updating. I tried to play the game, but it just closed the launcher and didn't open The Sims Game. I re-opened the launcher and tried again, but this time I was given a launcher pop-up that said I needed to update my base game to match an expansion. I read about this problem on this site, and heard that I had to uninstall my game and my expansions. I tried to, but when I right clicked The Sims under "My Games" in Origin, the "uninstall" option was light grey, and I couldn't click it. I also wasn't given the option to uninstall the expansions. The only thing that came up when I right clicked them, was "Play." Please Help!

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Re: Can't Uninstall or Update Sims 3

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The Sims 3 and expansion packs can be uninstalled through your control panel (not sure about stuff packs as I don't own any).


Open the Control Panel

Open "Programs and Features" (might be a slightly different name, depending on which Windows you're running, but "Programs" will be the first word)

Let the list of installed programs finish populating

Scroll down to the Sims 3 stuff

Select the one you want to uninstall and click "Change/Uninstall"

Follow the prompts

Repeat until they're all gone

Restart your system


When uninstalling, I start with expansions and end with the base game, but I might be a bit OCD on that. I also recommend running a registry clean-up  program afterward as very few programs do complete clean ups when uninstalling. If you're going to be really thorough about it, defragment your hard drive (don't bother if you have an SSD) and you'll be ready to reinstall. Start with the base game, launch it and let it patch (1.6GB worth of patch, so find something to do or have a really high boredom threshhold) and then you can reinstall your EPs and SPs. Leave store content for last.



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