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Re: New profile PVZ2

by lawmfw

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New profile PVZ2

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I want to play play plants vs zombies 2 again but with a new profile. Coz  i don't want to mess with my old one. How can i do that ??

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Re: New profile PVZ2

Very easily.

Read the "lost profile solution?" post and you will see that a new profile is created called "tap to enter name" which you can rename to whatever you want so you and your family members can each have their own profile.

This is great for adventure mode but ALL the profiles are linked to just one BATTLEZ account.

Just make sure your original profile is stored in your Google play account before you do it.

I have put step by step instructions in that post as so many people have similar problems.

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Re: New profile PVZ2

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On my PvZ 2 game, I have played a lot. I’ve done a lot of Battlez and collected tons of mints. But there is a thyme ( a little play on words ) when your younger sibling wants their own profile. So I tapped the icon to create a new profile for my little sibling. But there’s just my name and a bunch of blank spaces. There is nothing saying “ tap here “ or “ create new profile “ or whatever it says. I’ve tried scrolling down and up, but it doesn’t move. I’ve also tapped all of the empty spaces and Nothing works. My little sibling is very sad and wants a profile, what do I do? Just in case this helps any, I play on an iPod touch and downloaded this game from the App Store. Please help,     I don’t have a lot of thyme left! 😅 But seriously I’m not joking though, please help.😢😢😢 Please and thank you.👍🏻

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Re: New profile PVZ2

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Is your profile saved via Apple or Google Play ?


You could create a separate Google Play account with your sibling's own email address


Going back and forth between accounts may be cumbersome though


EA needs to fix too many aspects/features right now !!

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