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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder Issues - Keep Asking

by Crusaders21RB

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NCAA 14 Teambuilder Issues - Keep Asking

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Ok, I spent several hours in chats with tech support about this issue the other day.  The first person ran me through all kinds of steps (reset password, try another account, create a new account, clean reboot, etc).  Not one of those things helped.  Started chat after rebooting with another person, this person had me run through a few things like switching browsers.  Needless to say, that didn't work either.  They assured me "Your game is Safe!, we are aware of the issue and are working on it!"  Checked the status of both those help tickets today, they both say resolved, yet I still can't login, but now I can't even chat with anyone, the option for me is gone, I can online submit a request to wait for them to call me back.  I am beginning to think all the rumors are true, they are ending support for this game and just screwing around their loyal fan base so they can avoid getting harassed.  Maybe every single fan of NCAA Football 14 that uses TeamBuilder and/or Online Dynasty needs to constantly send in help tickets and keep hounding them until they fix this issue, let's let them know how much we want Teambuilder and Online Dynasty to continue.  Keep the game a live!  

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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder Issues - Keep Asking

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Yes I am having this same issue please EA fix this issue we all love this game and want TEAMBUILDER back in use!!!!!

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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder Issues - Keep Asking

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I chatted with support yesterday. They didn't have me run a gauntlet of reseting passwords or other troubleshooting; they did tell me that they're aware of the issue but they don't provide dedicated support for NCAA anymore. I assume that means it's going to be a while before they fix it.


I have to think if they were shutting it down, they would just take the website down.

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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder Issues - Keep Asking

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Tried teambuilder again last night... still not working. EA you made such a great game with spectacular features. Please fix them so we can use them. 

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