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Origin Server Unavailable

by Komor3bii-i

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Origin Server Unavailable

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I am on a Mac. Anytime I open the app a window pops up and it says that origin servers are temporarily unavailable and my games cannot be retrieved. I have reset origin and reinstalled it numerous times. I even completely wiped origin out of the hard drive itself and reinstalled it. If I login online it shows my games but as soon as I login on the app that window keeps popping up.

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Sims 4 won't launch on Mac

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My Sims 4 will not open on Mac and when it says buy for mac it says that its already in my library??

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Expansion pack won’t download

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I have just bought a sims 4 bundle deal through the origin app on my Mac, city living, spa day and fitness stuff. My payment has gone through however when I go to download the packs it appears like I haven’t bought them but then if I click to buy them again it says I already have the pack but can’t use it unless I have the base game, but I already have the base game- dunno what to do have downloaded expansion packs previously and never had this happen? 

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Re: Origin Server Unavailable

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@Komor3bii-i @sophie108104 and @larahrose01  I merged your posts, since these may all be variations on the same issue.  What versions of macOS do you have?  To find out, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen and select About This Mac.


If you have Yosemite, it may help to do a clean uninstall of Origin and then download a legacy version instead.  Here's how to do a clean uninstall, removing all Origin files from your computer:


You can download the legacy version here:


When launching the legacy version, be sure to uncheck the box to automatically keep Origin and your games up to date, or else Origin will try to patch itself to the latest version.


If you're running a newer version of macOS, please make sure you don't have any proxies enabled.  Here's how to turn them off:


If that doesn't help, you can try the rest of the troubleshooting steps listed here:


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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