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Sound issues While recording Titanfall

by OstrichWrangler1

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Sound issues While recording Titanfall

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So everytime i begin recording titanfall my sound gets all weird and makes a popping noise.  All drivers are up to date and this doesnt happen in any other games.. Any idea what the issue is?

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Re: Sound issues While recording Titanfall

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Same to me, well it's even worse because I just launch Titanfall and immediately I get a static noise all the time, in the main menu and even ingame, which issues that I can't even play with sound ... well the error is:

"Titanfall Audio installation failed.
Decode:Corrupt or missing data in bitstream.
"In file "\\?\E:Program Files(x86)\Origin Games\Titanfall\vpk\Client_mp_common.bsp.pak000_000.vpk"
Offset 2585825163, Size 8098998"

I tried to delete this file and repair, does not work... deleting the whole folder --> repair, is useless too!
Well in fact I have to wait 2 and a half hour for each repair session, without any result... can anyone tell me wtf is going on? Another Alpha-Game (just as Battlefield 4) released?? what the hell is wrong with that origin...??

PS: I am not recording...

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