FP (Friend Points) Missing now from several Buildings

by baddud69749

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FP (Friend Points) Missing now from several Buildings

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For a few months now, FP (Friend Points) have not been functioning as they did in the past. 


Normally if a visitor tapped on a Building in your Springfield, you would receive $$ XP & FP when clearing the handshake. 


Now, somewhere in the Terwilliger or TapBall Event... the Friend Points stopped paying out from all the Buildings in Springfield. There is no information at all on why the change occurred, but many players would like the options to be placed back on all Buildings or an explanation as to why they stopped on certain ones. 



Placing this post here so Addicts readers can also share their comments and concerns. 





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Re: FP (Friend Points) Missing now from several Buildings

Support has confirmed that there is a timelimit from that the handshake is created to the time it is collected/cleared.
If not cleared within the timelimit there will be no FPs.
No info on what this timelimit is or what buildings are effected.

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Re: FP (Friend Points) Missing now from several Buildings

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I did not get FP after tapping a brown house, Krusty burger and a Kwik-e-mart .....the same houses that had handshakes over them all day and gave FP. I guarantee they'd need tapped by neighbors with the previous 10 minutes. I had about 35-40 buildings with handshakes and missed at least 20 FP.
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