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Faded Sims 4

by izmcfrizz28

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Faded Sims 4

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I was trying to get sims 4, and after buying everything I went to go play it and it's sort of faded. Both the demo and the actual game. I have a Mac so at first I thought it was because I had the new Mac book pro. But my friend has the same computer and he can play on his. So I saw a little icon saying this is the windows version go get the Mac version. I clicked it and it said view in your library. This is really frustrating because I've read this on many comments online of people having the same issue. If someone could help that would be awesome. 


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Re: Faded Sims 4


@izmcfrizz28 , the demo for Sims 4 was never available on the Mac OS, so that will always be grayed out if you play on the Mac OS. It sounds like something may be hung up in Origin and you'll need to reset Origin. Below is the link for instructions on how to do this.


Please keep us updated.

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Re: Faded Sims 4


Have you subscribed to Origin Access?

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