Need for speed hot pursuit remastered crash final fix


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Need for speed hot pursuit remastered crash final fix

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 I have the fix for the steam and origin need for speed hot pursuit remastered. When your game crashes before it opens, or first screen crash, whatever the crash I have the step-bystep instruction to resolve it as I resolved my own finally. It is not your drivers, sound update or even an administer needing to run.
Step 1 : even if you think u have done what im saying, follow this step and you will be racing.
Step 2: uninstall your game completely along with origin app. Actually uninstall your game driver aswell.
Step 3: go to the folder icon on your desktop taskbar, right click on your c drive and hit properties. Clean up all system junk files and uncheck the two check boxes that are underneath relating to subfolders being indexed to themselves ya no, get rid of those.
Step 4:  make sure step 1, 2 and 3 are done and restart your computer.
Step 5: if u dont have a seperate drive for games u must have because all gaming pc are built that way now, if u dont have get one but for now you need to go into steam properties and set a steamapps folder number 2 ( a different spot for the game ) add it and when u reinstall the game and origin app when it asks, all into this new folder. So make sure if u dont have a games drive to make a folder in your c drive called games. This is now your install spot for need for speed remastered. It is also the folder where origin will go.
Step 6: reinstall your games ready driver via geforce experience, then restart your pc.
Step 7: go into steam and click install game once and for all. Into the new steamapps folder you created for steam and the same for when origin asks to be installed. Dont forget to follow every step. Your game will now start.
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Re: Need for speed hot pursuit remastered crash final fix

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Now, in 2023 I am having the same issue, except I can't download origin Frown

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