Technical difficulties on login

by GE_Hubit

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Technical difficulties on login

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since yesterday I have the problem that i cannot login into my Origin account. I always get this error: "We're sorry, but we're having some technical difficulties. Please try again later.".

I contacted the EA support already three times and they always weren't able to help me. It mostly ended by just saying, that they can't help me.

So I am hoping that someone here had the problem too, and maybe has a solution for me. Standard smile



-I cannot login into any account on my pc or laptop (I tried different ones)

-I cannot login in the origin app or origin web

-I can login on my phone in origin web (uses the same network as my pc)

-I recently created new accounts

-Changing the IP did not work

-It worked with VPN for a short time, not anymore. (I can still login, but the pages won't load in the app)

→I can login in my account in origin web through VPN

-I personally didn't change anything that could have caused this issue


Thanks in advance Standard smile

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Re: Technical difficulties on login

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues @GE_Hubit.

Can I ask whereabouts you are located? That it let you log in on a VPN means that his could be an issue with your network or another restriction.


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Re: Technical difficulties on login

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I live in Germany, near Cologne.

It worked for me, from the Ukraine(through the VPN).

But as already mentioned, I can log in through VPN but I can't use the client, since the pages won't load.

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Re: Technical difficulties on login

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For everyone, who might have the same problem, I found out, that this worked for me:


  1. Close all origin processes through the task manager
  2. Turn of your router for ~ 5 minutes
  3. Open the explorer and check the option to show hidden files and folders
  4. Delete the "Origin" folder in C:\ProgrammData\
  5. Delete the "Origin" folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\
  6. Delete the "Origin" folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\

It worked perfectly fine for me.


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I can't log in origin ? help ?

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its been around 2 weeks since i was able to log in my origin account yet i was able to log in answer EA


i tryed both on my laptop and working computer...... nothing



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Re: I can't log in origin ? help ?

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Is it possible to use another network to try and connect, for example can you set your phone as a hot spot and connect using that to see if it allows you to log in? The more info we have in relation to an issue such as this the better.



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Re: I can't log in origin ? help ?

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hey Darko tnx for the quick response 


i did tryed to log in with my phone but the same problem there....


BUT i logged in answer EA then immediately tryed to log in origin and i worked out i was able to log in but only in the browser...

i still have the same problem at origin program 

i did removed the appdata files reinstall origin but yet again it didnt worked out i even changed my password.... nothing outside the browser

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Re: I can't log in origin ? help ?

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Sooo ???? what in actual  the * happen wake up


i paid money for the * star wars and battlefield 1 and i cant even play them now

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Re: Technical difficulties on login

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@GE_Hubit It keeps saying that some of the files are in use,but there is no way I have ended everything else on my laptop
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Cannot login to my origin

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Hi i cant login to my origin account it keeps telling me that either sign in services are unavailable or that your account has been permanently blocked i dont know why or how this has happened and would need help to recover my account back as i have a lot of progress and money spent on that account. 

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