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Origin installer does not open.

by Triboyy

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Origin installer does not open.

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I dont have Origin installed on pc to be clear.

It shows up on task manager, in details but does not open.

What ive tried:

Tried downloading older version of installer, no result.

Running installer after clean restart.

Reinstalling all of VC++ drivers.

Running it in safe mode.

Im about to format my hard drive just because of one game. Just yesterday installed it at my bro´s house.

On one article i read that there is a vc_redist installer in Origin installed folder that have helped some people with my issue, but i dont have Origin installed.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated!


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Re: Origin installer does not open.

Community Manager



If Origin is showing up in Task Manager then you have it at least partially installed.


We want a good install of Origin so please manually uninstall Origin using the specific steps here:


Reboot and then download the most recent installer from here:


Run the Origin installer and then retest again. Do let us know how you get on, thanks.

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Re: Origin installer does not open.

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Ty for support EA.

Hard uninstall did it!

Best regards!

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