False positive bans

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@LALR_ParserWas you're post the one that mentioned legal action or the one that had the petition link? Cause I know both are against the forum policy. Prolly cause their scared of the truth coming out.

One of my older comments was indeed removed by a CM due to the forum policy (No legal discussions allowed). Deleting this kind of discussions only makes EA's image worse in the eyes of the community. 

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Re: False positive bans

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Well I see Tom Henderson made some comments about where 2042 is going (other than the trash can). looks like free to play is EAs way forward, LMAO! Absolutely nothing about the poor schmucks that forked out hard earned cash only to be banned for no reason though.

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Re: False positive bans

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In a recent quick-scan of this thread, I counted /listed 105 different users that were banned.

Three of them were unbanned (according to their updates, all because of proven account hacks).


Additionally, there were lots of other threads for this topic (some were merged with this one), and also threads in other languages (several German ones), plus all Youtube videos about banned accounts, plus Reddit, ...


And I gave up hope that anything will ever happen with these bans.

Several hundred affected angry (not-any-more) customers - in comparison to several million buyers (happy or not), EA just won't care...


Still tried to open another ticket with lots of attachments with system infos yesterday - didn't work, using several browsers, either hanging at upload or at ticket creation.

Seems that ticket system is aligned to the current BF2042 quality now...


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Re: False positive bans

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@Locutos28CDMWhats funny is he said there would be an update regarding false bans just after Christmas, over a month later radio silence on the bans, yet he has these generic battlefield rant vids going up that are a dime a dozen, the only reason he showed interest was potential attention. Looks like it wasn't worth it for him.

I could be wrong but I still have zero information about what caused my ban and am no closer to being unbanned then I was 13 December 2021. So I am done trying to 'praise' this random guy on the internet.

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Re: False positive bans

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I hope i can spent some hope with my last EA post on Twitter "@YunaMorgenstern".

But when everyone just gives up, then there is not much hope.

How should we be heard when everyone gives up?

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Re: False positive bans

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@LunaFreyja88I mean there's no fight dude, Its well established here if you are not in a certain part of EU there is zero hope of an unban or refund.

I can only talk to a wall so much before I'm over it, time is money and I am done trying to find out what I did wrong, I've been in the South African FPS scene for 12 years, lead my team to win the national championship, never cheated a day till EA caught me in 2042. I am not one to toot my own horn but I know I am a damn good player and you can see that from my youtube vids on BF2042, SO I initially thought it was just salt reports, turns out I hack xD.

I have supplied COPIOUS evidence of me NOT hacking and anyone with half a brain cell in this thread can see I do not hack simply by ALL the information I have publically provided as I have nothing to hide.

The dispute button is a joke to cover their own behind to say , "well we did allow them to contact us."

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Re: False positive bans

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@VandaLzA thats true....


> "well we did allow them to contact us." 


Even in EU is not much hope. I am trying but i have also no updates since over a month. Instead i can see some posts disappearing, getting banned here and there without swearing.

Currently i am not even able to contact EA anymore and also get sometimes banned here.

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Re: False positive bans

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If there are not even rumors of value circulating in the industry about these false bans so that it is enough for a video, well then the situation looks pretty bad.

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Re: False positive bans

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@SpoolaZI don't know Tom Henderson from Adam but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he might of tried to find out whats going on and got stone walled because his epe*n was not big enough.


thoughtout this ENTIRE thread there seems to be one guy who has the actual ban reason being "tools" which is the most generic nonsensical 2005 reason to put on a ban. ANYTHING CAN BE A TOOL in 2022 with every stupid little device having rgb control and game level integration with RGB.


EDIT: I'm just thinking what a publicity poo storm this would be if EA admitted what they have done here, think about how poorly this situation is being handled by them, we are basically being told to F off, there's no other way to describe it. Which leads me to believe this will never be PUBLICLY acknowledged, just by the sheer number of innocent people here who have been false banned, even 50 people posting their experience publicly after the acknowledgement, what a PR nightmare.


So the most likely outcome here is this will all be swept under the rug unless someone with a massive epe3n feels the attention they will get from crusading on our behave is worth the squeeze because at the end of the day its all about money. Likelyhood of unban 1% for cope.

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Re: False positive bans

Community Manager

Hey everyone, Through our Answers HQ forums we are unable to assist with support questions specific to banned accounts.


Our Terms of Service team can help you with that instead.If you'd like further info on the status of your account in relation to a sanction, please contact them by following the steps listed, here


As we are unable to assist with these questions via the forum, we'll now close this thread.


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