I'm banned in previous titles, will I be banned In EA SPORTS FC™ 24?

by EA_rephii

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I'm banned in previous titles, will I be banned In EA SPORTS FC™ 24?

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Hey all, 

Every year around this time we get a deluge of posts looking for clarification on bans and how they work.

Here are some more specific answers to other common questions at this time:  


What bans carry over from title to title? 


  • "Device" Bans - is your PC or Console prohibited from connecting to the game regardless of what account you're using? Then it will not be able to connect to EA SPORTS FC™ 24 either. 
  • "Franchise" Bans - was your account banned, and now you can't connect to older titles either? This is a "Franchise" ban, and you will not be able to access any future EA SPORTS FC™ title using this account. 

What doesn't carry over?


  • Coin Distribution Bans - These bans are specific to the title they were "earned" on. A ban for sending coins/receiving coins illegitimately will not mean you are banned in EA SPORTS FC™ 24
  • Transfer Market Bans - Was your access to the transfer market removed on the Companion App, In-Game or both? This will not affect your EA SPORTS FC™ 24 account. You will potentially need to re-earn access to the transfer market on the Web-/Companion App and will not be eligible for any early web starts. 

Again, as pointed out earlier in this post if your account is sanctioned by our Terms of Service team at any point you may reach out to them using the steps here for support. 


To prevent spam and to preserve the boards readability any new threads on this topic will be closed and referred to this post for further information.

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