Titanfall Crashing ... again ... Hacker is back

by Fenris50

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Titanfall Crashing ... again ... Hacker is back

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The game is becoming unplayable again.  Just like the last time, someone ... who shall remain unnamed to as not to name and shame ...  has hacked into the Titanfall servers and is crashing the game at various unpredictable intervals.  Same MO as before ... this is getting old and tired.


The crashes are in addition to the plague of wall hacks, aimbots, and ... yet again ... speed hackers spoiling the game we all paid for.


Please do something.




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The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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I've been meaning to make this post for awhile. Have you tried Titanfall 1 on PC recently? I imagine that if you did, you clicked 'play' on the main menu and then either:
Your game closed quickly and suddenly. Perhaps leaving an odd error about Proxies?
You were instantly disconnected back to the main menu, with a vague error that says something like "Disconnected: :::f::::7::"
Very odd right?
Was this an issue with your computer? Do you need to repair your game files? Contact EA support? Check to see if the servers are online?

EA support won't help you, common bugfixing/troubleshooting methods will do nothing- because nothing is wrong on your end.

It's caused by a loophole in the Titanfall and EA servers, being exploited by a particular rogue element.
And well,

We're bringing the solution here,
And we're bringing Titanfall back.
I can't share the details of it here, but head to this discord to get started:
(Its an intermediary discord for security, with instructions to get to the normal discord)
Have fun!

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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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@RedShield55 I would like to play again the titanfall
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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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@RedShield55 My my, almost two months now and nothing was done, this particular rogue element is such a troublesome figure.
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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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Ok guys, I contacted the customer support (about 50 mins in live chat) and explained exactly all issues on TF1 disconnections.
Following all their instructions, I got some totally useless connectivity tests (I'm a software engineer not a webdiot, so I knew exacty all matter...) and a long list of checkpoints to follow.

After having passed successfully all of them, probably the guy at the chat (didn't seem a chatbot, or at least it was a sort of hybrid one...) has somehow understood that probably they had a serious issue on their servers, and asked to escalate my request to critical.

Somehow, this evening (around 23.30 CET) finally TF1's servers were flawlessy back online again for around 1 hour, allowing me to play without any disconnection, meaning that there weren't any issues neither on my PCs (...I have 5 BTW), nor with my providers (as I can connect with my fiber, my neighbour wifi and two different LTE routers...)

Now, at 3.50 CET, the disconnect issue is back, and there is no way to play again.

I don't know if these (maybe not very prepared) guys at EA/Origin just blocked the crashbot for few hours and this went online again (maybe from a different IP) bypassing their firewalls or if I was just lucky enough to be able to play by chance.

Anyway, if you all have some time to spare, please start to annoy and maybe harass the EA support staff, maybe they will be pushed to find a way to patch their poorly written and buggish software and bring our beautiful TF1 game online again.

Keep writing to them, keep reopening the customers' support tickets, keep calling their call centers, this will cost them a lot of money and time.

Maybe they will understand that it will be easier and cheaper to solve finally this crashbot issue instead of ignoring all our requests. Wink

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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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Dear James. I am afraid that our efforts have all been in vain. If, after harassing customer service, we were silenced for a minimum of 1 month, banished. Redshild did find some solution to eliminate the crashbot, but participating in the game is so cumbersome and conditional that few can do it, either by their own mistakes or by their own mistakes, that in my opinion this is only half the solution. But that's more than the EA support team showed in a year. The lack of empathy has shown a great deal towards customers and many are giving up on this game, voicing the inadequacy of EA support. Over the course of a year, we have already received numerous promises to investigate this matter. To date there has been no material change. Please handle the words carefully in this forum as they can easily be blocked. I have personally and throughout my country investigated the viability of the legal route, but EA makes gaming programs without any responsibility or support. Along the legal paths, twist official wording to avoid any chance of being held accountable! Although I am not a legal expert myself, but perhaps my interpretation skills are not so low as to be understood, EA is committed and committed to the sound operation of its own programs. The biggest consequence of our frustration is that even if this game program is put in order, there is a lot of deviation from the game, even though it is one of the best. For more than a year, this honor has been around Titanfall 1. During this time, nothing was done. If it is miraculously restored, there is very little chance of it being recharged with players. This in turn causes the game to wither. Or it has already happened. With all due respect to those who have fought once and are still fighting for the game, I am afraid it will make no sense again. Because customer service, the EA team is only interested in one thing, profit. It's not that they understand this, they know what's going on in a year's time. I don't think they can solve this problem. If I take last year into account, I personally sent a lot of reports, clearly proving by video that the game was not playable. Others, in other forums, have tried to find a solution, the latest of which is full of promises. https://www.reddit.com/r/titanfall/comments/duyb1p/you_guys_want_jeanue_gone_from_titanfall_1_than/

Here again we are asked to produce reports. We've been doing it for months and sending reports! Most of the posts can be found. (If not already moderated or deleted by Forum Kings) Unfortunately, I don't believe I can ever go back to TF1. Not because I don't like it, but because it's unviable.

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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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Now TF seems to be online again.
No idea if the crasbot problem was finally solved, but at least we can play (Now. After we'llsee....)

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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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@JamesSuperjames I just bought the game yesterday and played it, BUT today the 2nd day I've got this Disconnected ....f.....7.... error.
The error is on my side or at the server and what can I do?
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Re: The Current Solution to the Titanfall 1 Crash Bot

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@Raymanond it's a crashbot issue.
There is some idiot getting pleasure (not having probably other way...) crashing the EA TF1 servers since September.

It's higly likely that none in EA's staff is really interested in solving this issue -.-'

Or maybe they aren't even good at it... Thumbs down for EA.

Try calling them, they'll ask you a lot of useless questions and keep you at the phone for -probably- quite a lot of time.

As soon as they will understand that keeping someone working for hours will cost them far more than selling you the game, maybe they will understand that it's worth patching their buggish servers...
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