Titanfall 2 crashing with ReadPacketEntities: Failed error message

by Fenris50

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Re: Titanfall 2 DOS Situation

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@NuclearToast451 they done nothing loll its the first time EVER that DDOS killed a game.. why? cause the compagny doo NOTHING, they sit on their AASS and laught at us with their automatic robot sayiong hey maybe its your connection!
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Re: Titanfall 2 DDOS

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@ham_cucumber we should spam their feed everywhere, we should start to learn how to DDOS and then attack their APEX LEGEND until they fix titan fall
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Re: Titanfall 2 DDOS attack

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@ham_cucumber they just dont care!!!
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Re: Titanfall 2 crashing with ReadPacketEntities: Failed error message

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@EA_Mako its should be illegal to sell a game that doesnt even work !! do something now or shut everything down! SHAME ON YOU EA
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Re: Server Connection Timed out

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Does EA even look at these posts?  They need to fix their SH!T!!!!!!

Titanfall 2 is unplayable now.

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Titanfall 2 multiplayer freeze on PC

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Good day ladies, gentlemen, and programmers, 


I am in love with Titanfall 2. Really you have outdone yourself!. Sadly, it is too advanced to control. When the problem happens, only the NPC can move, while I can only look around.

When I can log in to the servers without the casual "Connection to server is timed out," I can play a few minutes till my character freeze. Because I asked in the servers, I know others experience this bug as well.

After a few minutes "ReadpacketEntitles: Failed" error pops and returns me to the main menu.

Attempting to restart once popped up the attached screenshot.


Single-player is working fine so far.

All drivers are up to date.

Safe start didnt helped.

While freezing ping was 2100+



AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Gigabyte B550 AORUS PRO AC AM4

Sapphire Radeon RX5500XT 8GB

Crucial P2 M.2

OLOy ddr4 ram 16 GB (2x8GB)


Windows 10

Internet connection is stable 100 Mbps


I am located in Germany and using Origin.


Would you please advise or ask questions that will help us solve this problem?


Best wishes,

Yoyoyoyo345 Standard smile


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Re: Titanfall 2 DDOS

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@Riiicaardoo Want to kick them where it hurts? Show up at every gathering where they're fishing for money and ask inconveniant questions about what they intend to do about non-functioning products, how they intend to respond to their customers and games fan base, when things can be expected to work again, how much resources they're allocating to fix the issues, etc. Make the investors see that they are a sad pick. When they start to fall short on money because they don't take the consumers seriously they'll be more likely to sort out our problems.
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Re: Titanfall 2 DDOS attack

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I know nothing about whom or who the hacker/s is/are, but if they've had this problem since spring and it, at best, got semi-resolved for about a month and then went straight back to *, they aren't doing nearly as much as they should. If they honestly don't have more resources to spare than a token pair of technicians we're going to have this problem until the hacker/s get bored and stop. And if that's the case, that hiring more technicians aren't an option, EA and Respawn should seriously consider sticking to making offline games to spare themselves this disgrace as well as us this frustration. At this point, I'm fairly certain I love Titanfall more than they do. Try telling any other parent that you love their baby more than them and see what happens.

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Re: Titanfall 2 crashing with ReadPacketEntities: Failed error message

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I seriously don't want you to cancel the multiplayer feature of this game. It's a great game, full stop. However, I'd appreciate some transparency regarding what's going on in solving this. If there is only one, maybe two, technicians working on this, why aren't some more resources being put into expanding that team? If so little effort is put into sorting this out it seems like those technicians are either volunteers for a suicide mission or individuals that crossed some higher-up and got sent to the basement, or something. It just doesn't make sense. If you want to fix it, put some money into it. If you don't, at least come clean and say that this is what we're getting and the issues may or may not be resolved at some point eventually, but EA is just as good either way.

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Re: Server Connection Timed out

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@Osiris1370 They do. There's a post with about 200 pts, there's been some sporadic messages from EA staff in that, but my experience is that they only get involved in posts that explode. This post will most likely not get responded to.
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