Paradise Found I bug

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TSTO: Uprade Private Island bug: done, but task still listed

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I am working through the Springfield Heights tasks.  An early one was to upgrade a private island to Level 2.

I did that, but the task is still listed.

If I click on the task, the game just blinks and I remain where I was; I'm not taken to that island, showing that the game "knows" the task is complete.

How do I get that task cleared?


(BTW, as a noob, I found the whole "Contact EA" process a mess.  Is this post "contacting EA"? It seems more like a post to the general community. What I was hoping for was an email address, or a chat option, but none of those were given. I was only given the option to post to the forum. Perhaps the chat option I've seen mentioned isn't available since it's the weekend?)


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Re: TSTO: Uprade Private Island bug: done, but task still listed

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Hi everyone,


I took the liberty to merge your threads to avoid duplicate. 


Please contact Support for further assistance with this issue. 


To do so fill out this form.

Do not report this issue as a bug, instead select Technical support / Game performance from the drop down menus.


Depending on your timezone and location, one or more contact option(s) will be available. Select the Live Chat or Call me options. 


You'll find additional information in How to get in touch with EA Technical support and Tracking and updating open cases with EA Support


Support will look into the issue for you.



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Private Island

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My private Islands are all already at Level 5 and I can’t do anything to clear the task. 

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Re: Private Island

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How do you have multiple islands? (An in-game search feature might be nice, I just can't find how to build another island anywhere.)

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Paradise Found I bug

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In mission paradise found I in simpsons tapped out I have to upgrade private island to level 2, but I had the maximun number of islands Basketball raised to level 5 before starting the mission. Now I cant continue nor buy another level 1 private island


ESPAÑOL: En el juego de los simpsons en la misión Paraíso Encontrado I, me piden subir al niel 2 una isla privada, pero ya había comprado y subido de nivel al máximo (nivel 5) todas las islas posibles Basketball y no me deja continuar y no puedo comprar una nueva isla privada de nivel 1.

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Re: Paradise Lost I bug

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The first task i had was to upgrade (my last) private Island to Lvl 3 - after i did that, two task popped up - upgrade to Lvl 4 AND Lvl 2 ... which is never going to work.


Please correct the tasks for Springfield Heights buildings.

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Paradise island The Simpsons tapped out

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Build paradise island to level 5 and then saved in inventory as no space and now new task has come up to build to level 2 but game doesn't recognise it - help please [edit: email address removed]
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Re: Private Island

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The new Springfield Heights tasks for the island and resort never showed up for me.

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Re: Private Island

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When you go to store, in Springfield Heights section, you can buy multiple things, including the buildings you can upgrade to earn points. One of these are the private islands, you can buy only 3 (there is a counter next to the price)

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Re: TSTO: Uprade Private Island bug: done, but task still listed

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Well, no responses from EA so far.  If I don't hear anything, or get any help, I'll just try to make ANOTHER Private Island and upgrade that, see if that fixes the glitch.

If so, well, good thing I still have one available to build!  What would happen if I'd already made all 3 and upgraded them to Level 5?

(The one I already have I _did_ upgrade to Level 5, and so at least that challenge has been satisfied and gone away!)


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Re: Private Island

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I have 2 private island tasks stuck on taskbar and can't clear them ... help please

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