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Re: krusty land bug

by BurghBaby

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Re: Sideshow you

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We're going on to over a week now this problem hasn't been corrected yet. Problems crashing and not connecting / kwiki mart issues. I agree. We should be Rewarded some donuts for these bugs and EA failing to respond to the bug reports.
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IRe: Sideshow you

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I a having same problem
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Re: Sideshow you

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Me too. Since the update on the 24th.

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Re: Sideshow you

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Have not been able to get prizes from Sideshow You since the update.

EA please fix!:mansad: 

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krusty land bug

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In Krustyland Krustys stand is not resetting to give me balloons to pop. This has been going on now for at least 5 days now. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
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Re: krusty land bug

[ Edited ]

From what EA stated, this will be fixed in an update AFTER the Christmas event in January! So for now we have no sideshow you!


Edit: this is NOT solved, just want to make sure people get to see this post on what EA said! This should be solved in the update after the 13th. 

Good Luck, ~BB

I am a volunteer and not an EA employee...
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Re: krusty land bug

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Just wanted to post here in case EA will compensate those folks affected by the bug; my Sideshow You has been glitchy since 12/24.

Thanks for the update, BurghBaby!

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Re: Sideshow you

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I've had the same issue.
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Re: Sideshow you

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I am also having this problem. I would like to have my tickets and possibility of donuts back please!

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Re: krusty land bug

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Every player of the game has been affected - this isn't a bug that just some folks have. EA knows when this feature disappeared.

I doubt they'll provide any donut compensation for it, because only about 42% of players would have received donuts from it during the entire downtime. (6 balloons a day times 21 days down is 126 balloons popped divided by the 300 required to earn donuts equals 42% (and that assumes everyone is religiously tapping it twice a day).)
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