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Re: specification for the UDP telemetry output system for WRC 23

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@waaaylander If there is the UDP Telemetry output and if the format is same as with DiRT Rally 2/Grid 2, then it should be pretty straightforward to get first versions out.

But if the data and/or format spec is different, then most likely you have to wait quite some time, before a) the telemetry data spec is published or b) the output is reverse-engineered.

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Re: UDP Telemetry?

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Still no telemetry documentation and days are counting before public release. I had the chance to discuss with a person selected for the press releases. We inspected the game settings and config files. We could not find any telemetry setting. I just hope we missed it.


Please ea Wink it's time to let us breath knowing that we will be able to go full send with motion, displays LEDs, shakers ....

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Re: UDP Telemetry?

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I agree. No racing/rally driving without telemetry and Simhub .

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Re: UDP Telemetry?

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@ES, why are you reading any of these topics anymore? The F1'23 UDP data file is not accurate anymore, questions are asked for improvements, and they aren;t made. And now you are releasing a new game, en 0 information about the UDP data? You are loosing a big fanbase with this!

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Re: specification for the UDP telemetry output system for WRC 23

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Re: spécification du système de sortie de télémétrie UDP pour WRC 23

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what about telemetry? no telemetry no purchase for me. Pls do this!

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Re: UDP Telemetry?

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This is what worries me.


I raised this topic about UDP Telemetry for the WRC game many months ago on the general EA section.I got told to talk to the devs, I need to apply to join the "creator network" s, which I did. After 4 months my application is still pending. I think it is clear, EA is focusing on the youtubers & influencers etc. who drive the early stage uninformed purchases and not the tool developers, who drive the longevity of these games.


I have pre-purchased the game 1) to enjoy it early but also  2) to also make sure my Tool works with it ... but, I only add support to games I play myself and I am now only playing racing games/simulators which provide telemetry data. So if there is no real-time (UDP or Shared Memory or simllar) telemetry, then I will not play such game. And to me for any modern game, having real-time Telemetry is just one of the things on the bucket list of must-haves, not something to be added as an afterthought.


Clearly we are getting to the point, that cancelling the pre-order seems be the only option left.



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Re: UDP Telemetry?

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I'm in a similar situation for simhub. Usually I don't interfere much with "before-release" discussions and see if it's available or not and "accepts it". But wrc23 is a side case,  I was really confident about telemetry being available, and I could not imagine the dr2 successor would lack it, it's a true disappointment potentially incoming Frown


The press release shows nothing about it. Sim racing experience feels so flat once you tasted it with the various additional feedback. 


My only hopes for now is that your post grabs enough attention to show we need it, or our fears are just not justified and it's just hidden somewhere I didn't spotted.


In a positive mind, "I want to believe !".


I featured your thread on the simhub discord, once again in a positive mind :  not calling for bad behaviours (spam, aggressiveness etc...) . I hope showing more voices about this subject will help !

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Re: UDP Telemetry?

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Hey Everyone, 


I wanted to drop in this thread with a brief update, 


D-BOX motion will be supported at launch. Additional UDP will be supported in an upcoming patch. We will share more information when we have it.




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Re: UDP Telemetry?

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Thanks a lot ! I can now breath :D

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