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I’m completing the offers but I’m not receiving the quoted SIMcash reward for them. Some of the offers took a lot of time to complete! Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a way to be credited the SIMcash I should’ve gotten for completing these offers? 


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Re: Simcash

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Hey there @mandaSu3r,


If you've not received that SimCash, you'll want to reach out to the live support team so they can look into this a bit further with you- here on AHQ, we aren't able to help with missing content.


You can get in touch with live support through the help site here, or you can reach out via Twitter or Facebook as well if you prefer. 


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Re: Simcash

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@mandaSu3r There’s a recent FAQ about Offerwall, please check it if it would help in your case.


edit. Added the link

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