Hit Points not going to Zero - unable to kill/be killed

by mrrrky

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All servers in god mode

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How to play?

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Battlefront 2 Stuck at 1% in online Play!

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Consistently stuck at 1% when playing in Supremacy Matches online. I left and joined 3 different matches. All showing the same bug of everyone in the match being stuck at 1% health. 

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Hitpoint bug on Naboo

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Greetings, I have encountered a Hit-point bug on Naboo, Started in a 4 player co-op as the separatists and from the moment we started neither humans nor AI could kill without running over others with a vehicle, we would just get to 1 hit-point. We also wouldn't die going out of bounds.

Please see attached video.

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Re: Hitpoint bug on Naboo

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I am having the same problem. I came across a game where no one could die from time to time for about a month, but today I couldn't find a decent game even though I tried it at least 10 times in different game modes, all of the games I could find had the problem you mentioned above. When I checked this site, in some topics they stated that it can be someone using a cheat which triggers a bug in the game and basically makes everyone immortal. Idk if it is because of some kind of cheat or something else but it seems like they don't have intentions about fixing it.

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Re: Battlefront 2 Stuck at 1% in online Play!

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Same. I had the same problem in HvV and GA. I used to come across games like that from time to time but in the last few days, it started to happen constantly. I would like them to fix it but it seems like nobody cares so...

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Hit Points not going to Zero - unable to kill/be killed

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What is wrong with this game?? When I play online, my health goes do 1% and I cannot be killed and I cannot kill any player there!


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Re: A bug in multiplayer, no kills

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@mrrrky I have the same problem...

Every game I join, I found nobody can die and nobody can kill others... all players with 1 HP... I don't know if it is a bug or maybe a massive hacking
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Re: A bug in multiplayer, no kills

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Yeah, we need to spam EA support so they fix this already

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1hp godmode bug STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2

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Fix this 1hp god mode bug/hack whatever already. It's ridiculous how every single lobby is like this. The game is just unplayable. I'm sad you guys ruined it like this.


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Re: A bug in multiplayer, no kills

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Hey Everyone, 


Thanks for letting us know what you are running into, I am sharing this with our team but wanted to get some further information about this. 


  • When did you see this start happening?
  • Which platform are you on?
  • Are you seeing this in certain modes, or is there a way to reproduce this ourselves?

Thanks, everyone!


@mrrrky @2Astra @AM_delso 


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