Madden 24 preorder bonus

by shogunttvyt

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Madden 24 Pre-order rewards missing

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Has anyone's pre-order rewards been mising? Im in Ps5 and mine are missing as of Monday, August 14, 8:00 west coast time

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Re: Why did pre order bonus only go to ps4 version

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Marking as solution just for visibility. We're still working on fixing the issues with missing pre-order bonuses on some platforms. 


Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to clear up a couple things here real quick!

Game progress doesn't transfer between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. Your progress, items, currency, etc. is unique to each platform, so what you spend or earn on PS4 doesn't carry over to PS5 (or vice versa). For more info on this check out the FAQ on our Dual Entitlement article for Madden NFL 24. 

That said, you are supposed to get your pre-order bonuses on both platforms. We're actually working on fixing an issue that's preventing the bonuses from showing up on both PS4 and PS5 like they should. For more info and updates keep an eye out on this thread on the @MaddenNFLDirect Twitter: 

Thanks for being patient while we're working on getting this fixed! 


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Haven't Recieved Deluxe/pre-order content

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I haven't received any of the content I should have for the deluxe edition or for pre-ordering.

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please help asap

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Should my packs on PS4 version be on PS5 as well?

Like I'm freaking out. 

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Re: Haven't Recieved Deluxe/pre-order content

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Last year I didn't get this stuff until the official start date and not the early start 

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i didnt get my preorder bonuses what do i do?

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I got the new madden. Madden 24 obviously and i preordered the deluxe edition and i logged in and i didnt have any of the preorder packs i preordered it before the aka prome went away to get sauce or jjettas and now i dont hav eeither please help

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Madden 24 preorder bonus

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I preordered the deluxe edition of the game and I never Received any of my preorder bonuses outside of the “early access” not mut points , hall of fame player nothing

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Re: Madden 24 Pre-order rewards missing

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@lobatos21 I pre-ordered the deluxe edition as well and my rewards are missing.
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Re: Madden 24 preorder bonus

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I didn’t receive my preorder stuff either and it also says I’m not subscribed too ea play when I am 

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Re: Madden 24 Pre-order rewards missing

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I’m currently having this problem, I tried close the game and reopen I’m still having trouble, im about to reset my ps5 to see if it makes any difference 

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Re: Madden 24 Pre-order rewards missing

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mine is also missing

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