HELP - Issues with 'baby steps talk adoption' & 'purchasing the cafe shop'

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HELP - Issues with 'baby steps talk adoption' & 'purchasing the cafe shop'

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Ok so I’ve got a few issues here. 
1)I've noticed thatI've done the baby steps talk adoption ext this would be the third time one repeating this . I should have had kids by now or theSim should . 

2)I've purchased four times in my cafe shop I will click home and go back and it’ll be like nothing was ever done to it. And I’ve spent A LOT and A LOT of coins I’ve lost for nothing. Can some one please please help me?



Thanks so much. 


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The baby quest is a time limited event. The duration is two days. Here you can find the quest walkthrough and some tips that will help you complete the quest on time: Baby Quest Walkthrough.


There is a known issue that makes all purchased items in the café disappear. Please read SimGuruPedro's post here

If your items are missing then please fill the form linked below.


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