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FIFA 20 - Tournament Crashing

by morten_1510

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Re: Fifa 20 PS4 - Crashing when saving tournament

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I have got the exact same problem. This game is such a waste of time. Care to react EA?

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FIFA 20 - Tournament Crashing

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After 28 games of play and/or simulation, the game will crash when trying to save the progress. 


Everything has been tried. Even an initialization has been tried, without luck. 


Crash displayed on PS4 is CE-34878-0. Nothing to do with console; that has been ruled out. Newest version of game and console installed. 


Please help. This is a tournament between me and my aging father, who loves to play fifa with me and has done so for the last 10 or so years.


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Re: Off. CL-TOURN. mode crash

Community Manager
@morten_1510 Hey there, I've seen a few reports of this specifically on PS4 with that error code, it's being looked into now on our side to see if we can identify the cause.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. I'll update this thread when I get more info.
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Re: Off. CL-TOURN. mode crash

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@EA_Cade Hi there, thanks a lot - it is quite frustrating.


To your information, I can report that it is only, ONLY, when you try to save the CL progress or the game autosaves, AFTER having completed 28 games. As said, we tried to wipe all data from the PS4, and still the problem persisted.


Again, thanks for looking into the problem. Great to know that it's being taken care of 😄

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Betreff: Saving tournament (UEFA Champions League)

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I reported this issue around 10 days ago. This issue is also appearing when you're playing custom tournaments. Until today i couldn't finish one single tournament with group stages and Knockout stages because of this. At a certain point the game crashes when trying to save. It's insane how this is still not fixed. I play on PC btw.

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Re: Off. CL-TOURN. mode crash

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@EA_Cadethanks for your posts and good to know your team is looking into this. This is quite frustrating. I have exactly the same problem (always around game 28) with the CL and the same it’s happening with the Carabao Cup. After playing/mixing a certain number of games (approx 30) any attempted save produces a crash with the error reported by all other users. It’s definitely the file as it has happened to me on two different PS4 in completely different locations and countries..
Have to assume it’s a problem with all tournaments (have seen another thread with users complaining about this).

Please fix this ASAP as playing FIFA without tournaments and the CL is worthless and frustrating.

thanks for your help! 

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Re: Fifa 20 PS4 - Crashing when saving tournament

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Same here,when I play champions league, when I finish second round,after same match every time

CE-34878-0 on FIFA 20

I tried everything...rebuild, full initialization, softwer update, game update...dont waste your time...we need patch fixer.

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Re: PS4 GAME UNPLAYABLE! Tournament mode STILL crashing on save!

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Just came across this today. Has the issue even been addressed??? If not we need to figure out how to bring attention to the matter. Has anyone finished a tournament without a crash??? If so how many teams, how many user teams, ect? Every year I do a 64 team 2-leg knockout tourney and play with every team. Been doing it for years and if I can’t this year because of this it’s the end of the line for me with this game .

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Re: PS4 GAME UNPLAYABLE! Tournament mode STILL crashing on save!

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Totally agree. 

EA needs to solve this YESTERDAY.  Otherwise I need my money back.


Bad repetition destroys reputation. Shame. 

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Re: Fifa 20 PS4 - Crashing when saving tournament

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Exactly what happens to me.

This is ridiculous. Not acceptable at all. 


Why this was not solved yet? Am I missing any official statement from EA?! Any immediate action on this? 


This is unbelievable. EA: this is for yesterday! Otherwise, consider to refund all. 

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