PS5 Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

by DOUBS26

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Re: Error FTJR2008 / 00090809F

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I found a fix for the ps5 upload your save data to the cloud storage after it uploaded re download it from the cloud storage this helped me and my friend 

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Error code 40010000/FTJR2008 on PC

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Got Error code 40010000 from yesterday once I logged in the game, by showing the notification "Sync Failed" plus this code and it won't allow me play online mode (FTJR2008). Current platform is Origin on PC. 


I tried some solutions on other discussion board such as replacing the save file (like most players did) but it still doesn't work. The only way that I found on my situation is clear all the save file and play as "New Game" from beginning. However, since I've play this games starting from the 3 days priorer release, I don't want to start again with $0 in the game. Hopefully the developing team can spend some time taking a brief look of this issue if is possible.



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Re: Error FTJR2008 / 00090809F

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@EA_Atic Hi,


40010000 item synchronization failed code and FTJR2008 is still there starting from yesterday. I tired replacing the save files as other players posted but didn't work. The only way can temporary solve this issue is clear current save file and play as "New Game" from the beginning. My current platform is Origin (PC).


Any other ways to slove this?

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PS5 Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

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Whenever I launch the game on PS5 I get item synchronisation failed and error code 400100000. When I try to enter lakeshore online I get item synchronisation failed and error code FTJR2008.



This occurred after i had a power cut whilst playing the game, I logged back on and first saw the error, I also noticed I was a day back in progression and could no longer access lakeshore online.



I have tried uploading my data to the cloud and then deleting it from console storage then re-downloading it but it hasn’t worked. Can anyone help with anything I should try?

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Re: PS5 Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

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Power cuts are terrible for video games. 


Try booting in Safe Mode and choose Option 5, Rebuild Database:



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Re: PS5 Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

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Hi @EA_Barry ,

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve just tried this and unfortunately it hasn’t worked. I’m open to any more suggestions you me have, thanks!

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PC Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

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Just bought the game after the trial expired and I have gotten this error 

Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

have tried most of the fixes and still does not work help plox

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Re: PC Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

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70$ and can’t even play half the game🤦‍♂️ these greedy game devs really want 70 bucks for a half baked game and won’t even fix this issue they won’t even talk about it at all so frustrating 

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Re: PC Error 400100000 and FTJR2008

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Product: Need for Speed: Unbound
Platform:PlayStation 5
Summarize your bug I can't seem to be able to access any online soon as I press Lakeshore online it loads until 2/4 and then I'm hit with Error code 40010000 followed by Error code FTJR2008.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? You can't find the bugs in the screenshots I will attach with this post
What happens when the bug occurs? When the bug occurs Im able to customize my cars, character and banner as normal but as soon as I hit play I'm again hit with Error FTJR2008
What do you expect to see? I expect to see some sort of solution for this ASAP as I could take this time to finish the story but single player has never really been my thing.. i actually got to Level 60 online already, if I was lower level I would just restart by deleting my save data as that seems to work. But yeah.. pls fix this


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