[ISSUE] Sims 3 Minimizing

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[ISSUE] Sims 3 Minimizing

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 Make sure you quit the game first then right click the sims 3 base game icon run as admin and see if you can manually change the resolution

Close the game then go to the electronics arts/thesims 3 there is a file named options first make a back up copy of the options file copy and paste it the desktop will do before doing the following you may have to scroll down a bit  in the electronics arts/thesims 3 to find the options file





 The options ini file open with notepad search for the resolution you can use Ctrl+F to search for the resolution  that is in the  file



 For example my  resolution = 1280 1024 60  (the 60 is my refresh rate ) where it says resolution in the options file  type in your screen resolution and the refresh rate make sure to have the spaces too in between the numbers then close the document it will ask you if you want to save the changes say yes (for good measure restart the computer ) launch your game and see how it is )





So for example if your screen resolution is 980 860  and the refresh rate is 75 you need to type this in 980 860 75


To find your screen resolution  right click the monitor/screen resolution  for example my  resolution = 1280 1024 60 


 If you do not see the refresh rate  right click the screen-resolution-advanced settings another window should pop open where you can  find the monitor tab that will have the refresh rate for example 60Hertz then the refresh rate is 60

The refresh rate  can be left at 0 (zero ) which is the default  setting or to your refresh rate of 60







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