[INFO] Issues with logging in to The Sims 3

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[INFO] Issues with logging in to The Sims 3

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Hi Simmers


We have noticed that a small number of new players are having problems with accessing The Sims 3 community and social features. We have identified two potential issues which may be causing this problem, both of them related to the system not synchronizing Origin IDs with TheSims3.com IDs.


  1. For people logging in through the website - we have deployed a fix and this should now work as intended. You will either access everything fine or you may be asked to go through a short registration flow which will sync your accounts.
  2. For people logging in through the game client launcher – you will need to go through the registration flow to create a The Sims 3 ID.
  3. MAC players, please note that this registration flow only works using Firefox or Chrome. Please do not use Safari.

Synchronization Flow:


  1. Go to either http://www.thesims3.com/home.html or to http://store.thesims3.com/
  2. Select the blue “Login” link
  3. Log in using your Origin user name and password
  4. You may be directed to another page titled: “Register for The Sims™ 3 Community”
  5. Select persona, gender, and accept the Terms of Service, and hit “SIGN UP!”

This should solve the logging in issues, but if anyone encounters further problems, please do let us know by contacting our customer support team at https://help.ea.com/contact-us

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