[FIXED] Save Issues after Patch 1.30.103

by joshlaura03

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[FIXED] Save Issues after Patch 1.30.103

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The new save function is deleting my saves, renaming them, etc. My daughter and I both play. When I saved my game tonight it completely deleted my save file that I had been saving it under and saved it over her save file instead. I clicked on my save file to save it as that one. And even if I had clicked on hers on accident (which I know I didnt do because I was trying to be very careful with the new format) mine should still be there.

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Re: Sims 4 'save as' not working

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I tested it pretty thoroughly and could not break it.


No saves suddenly turning into older save-names and over-writing existing save files.


I saved as three times, deleted one and saved two more. Then I went back and checked. All the old existing saves were left alone.


I think it's really fixed!

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Re: Save Issues after Update

Are you using mods ? Did you try the backups ? (Backup the saves folder in docs first)

Good Luck


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Re: Save Issues after Update

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I have almost the same Problem.


Loaded an older Savegame which i used to Test Mods. Clicked on Save and instead of overriding its own slot it override the slot of my save of my Play Family which was on Top of the List.

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Re: Save Issues after Update

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@joshlaura03 and @LittleMsSam 


What happens if you try the "recover save" button on the save that was lost? Can you press play on the save that was lost? What message do you receive? What mods were you using?


Are you happy to upload the folder containing your saves? This is normally "documents\electronicarts\thesims4\saves" but you can see the exact location by hovering over your folder icon in any save. You can upload the folder as per the instructions here


Thank you both for any information you can provide. 

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Re: Save Issues after Update

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I uploaded two Savegames.

Slot_00000010 is the Test Savegame i loaded yesterday to test new Mods.

I quit the Game by Quit Game -> Save and Quit no unusal messages did appear.

Today when i loaded my actual Play Savegame i saw that it had the Picture of the Test Family i played last. After loading the Savegame i saw that indeed my Play Savegame got overwritten by the last loaded Savegame.

The Savegame that got overwritten is the Slot_0000000e after it got overwritten.

Luckely the fifth of the recover Savegame Options had the original Household etc. saved so i could recover it.

I'm using  a lot of mods plus 2GB CC. I added a List of Mods i'm using in a Textfile.

Also one of the script Mods i had to delete today was in my Folder yesterday and caused a huge lastException.txt. I'm not sure if that could be the cause of the Problem or not. Just in case i added the lastException.txt in the Upload too.



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Re: Save Issues after Update

EA Live QV Team

@LittleMsSam Thank you for the uploads.


When you reloaded the fifth recovered save was much of your progress lost or was the game at the point you were last playing that save?

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Re: Save Issues after Update

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I'm pretty sure it was the point where i last saved, so no progress loss.

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Re: Save Issues after Update

EA Live QV Team

Well that's good news at least. Thank you again for the information provided.

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Re: Save Issues after Update

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No we dont use any mods.
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Re: Save Issues after Update

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Another Info that may help:


I played a little my Savegame called "Aktuell" and saved my Game in between. When clicking on "Save as" the Name "Mein Spielstand 18" was under the My actual Game.


I just loaded another Savegame with the Name "Modtesting" i clicked on Save as. And instead of "Modtesting" the same Name "Mein Spielstand 18" was under the My actual Game.


A canceled the action and just clicked Save to see what happens. And again the Savegame "Aktuell" was overwritten.


I clicked again on "Save as" and saved the Savegame again under the Name "Modtesting" which i wrote into the Field under My actual Game.


Then i clicked again on "Save as" and a new Name "Mein Spielstand 19" appeared now under My actual Game.


It looks like the Game uses the latest slot to save no matter which Savegame you load. I don't know if that only happens if you don't use Save as at least once per Savegame after the Patch


EDIT: Yes, tested again. The Game uses the latest Slot it generated to Save no matter which Savegame i load!

EDIT2: Using "Save as" at least once after the Patch and saving in a new slot seems to help but i can't 100% say for sure


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