[FAQ] Steam VS Origin VS Discs

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[FAQ] Steam VS Origin VS Discs

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Introduction and basic information:


There are several key things that one should know before mixing Steam and Origin together. Discs are dependent on when and where you got them from. Here are the basic principles and how they are applied and correspond with one another. More explantion with pictures can be found further down.


  • Steam-bought-games can be registered on Origin
  • A Steam-bought-game requiring Origin (most recently released EA games have this requirement), needs to have Steam and Origin running in order to be played
  • Origin-bought-games cannot be registered on Steam


There are two sections to this FAQ. 


Sources and Additional Information:




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The Workings of Origin

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Finding your serial code if you bought the game from Origin:


Once you have bought the game from Origin, it should appear in your My Games. You need to have Origin downloaded onto your PC/MAC. Once you have logged in, you can access your My Games from the tab:




With the latest update from Origin, the expansion packs now have a new location in Origin. So your base game will appear in your My Games as shown above, but your expansion packs won't.


To find your expansion and stuff packs, right-click on the Sims 3 icon and choose "view game details" - scroll down and you will see them there. 


New Expansion Packs

As you can see in the above screenshot, some EPs are coloured in, some are greyed out and others have a + sign on them.

  • Coloured means that you own it and have it installed
  • Greyed out means that you own it, but it's not installed
  • + sign means you don't own it at all

To download your expansion / stuff packs, hover the cursor (your mouse) over the game you want (you can also click on them or right click on them) and select download. Origin will then startup the normal downloading process for your game. It seems that you no longer need to have the individual codes for installation.


To find the base game's serial code, right-click on the game's icon and choose view game details: 



You will then see the game's product code. I would assume that that is the code you would need for base game installation.


Steam FAQ 2.png

 Registering a disc on Origin:


There are many ways to register a disc on Origin


  1. Once you have logged in on the Origin Client, you need to click on the Origin drop-down menu:
Steam FAQ 3.png


To open the window where you enter your serial code:


Steam FAQ 4.png

Clicking on Next will bring you the option of downloading the game and eventually installation.


2. You can also register your game at https://www.origin.com - upon logging in, make your way to your account by clicking on the My Account and going to Redeem Product Code:


Steam FAQ 5.png 


 Origin and Steam:


Origin purchases cannot be registered on Steam. However EA games on Steam, may be registered on Origin (see instructions below).


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The Workings of Steam

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Registering a game on Steam


        Source: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-TFBN-1352


You will need to have Steam downloaded - hence the Steam Client in order to complete this process. 


Once you have logged in, you need to go the Games Menu and then to Activate a Product on Steam: 


Steam FAQ 6.png


You then follow the instructions that will pop up.


Adding Non-Steam Games to your Library:


           Source: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2219-YDJV-5557


Once you have logged in to the Steam Client - you will need to open the Games menu (like above) and choose Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library


Steam FAQ 7.png

A list of all installed programmes will then appear and you can choose which game you would like. Alternatively, you can browse.


Steam FAQ 8.png
  • Please note that games registered on Origin, cannot be registered on Steam!! 

Discs on Steam: 


Let's say you buy Skyrim in a disc version. Upon inserting it into the drive - you will be prompted to either download/install Steam and open it, or to open and log in to Steam, provided you haven't done so already. 

It will then continue with the installation process and if it doesn't pick up your registration key automatically, you will need to enter it at some point. 


  • Once the game has been registered and installed - you will NOT need the disc in the drive when you want to play 
  • It is linked to your account forever, only some games allow family sharing 
  • It can be downloaded as many times you want - you do not need to worry about broken discs, etc
  • It is possible to backup the game's folders and therefore, you can restore it

Steam to Origin: 


It is possible to transfer Steam games (that are essentially EA games) over to your Origin account. 


To find the key for your Steam purchase - please note that not all games will provide a key - you need to open the Steam Client and make your way to the library. When you right-click on an EA game, you should see the option to View CD Key which will provide you with the code.


(Thanks to TechGage.com for the image)


Steam View CD Key


You can then take that key and proceed to Origin where you can redeem the code as per instructions above for registering games on Origin.  You can find a list here of games that have been proved successfully registered and vice-versa. 

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