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Empty Game Library Server Error

by YoshiinoYoshi

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Empty Game Library Server Error

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Hello everyone, 


I recently started having some issues with my Origin account that are getting worse. It started yesterday when I decided to play the Sims 4 for the first time in a while. I wanted to check for updates by right-clicking the game and pressing the update option. Instead of starting the update it said that it was unable to retrieve game files and that I was not online even when my profile was set to online mode. I still could get into the game but it was glitching a bit and I could not repair it still, I got the same message pretty much. I looked at some advice on here and reset Orgin. I still had my games when I checked Origin again but the connectivity message kept popping up. I found other people saying signing out worked so when I did that and signed back into Origin I got a message people reported getting in March of 2017. This message told them that they could not connect to the Origin server and their game library is empty. EA commented on these questions saying it was a server issue but I want to make sure just to be safe. Is there a server issue as of July 27, 2018 at about 7:30 Mountain time? Or is this something else? I have had so many problems with the Sims 4 and Origin, that if I lose all my games again, I will not be using EA products or Origin ever. 


Here is the message I keep receiving: 

Origin servers temporarily unavailable

Apologies for the inconvenience, we’re currently unable to retrieve your list of games. Please reload and try again.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Empty Game Library Server Error

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Update 3


The beta patch has been released today (28th August). If you are still running Yosemite please make sure you are opted into beta participation and download it.


Update 2


We're releasing a fix in around 2 weeks for the Beta version of Origin and a fix for all players roughly a week afterwards.


If you want to opt-in for the Beta version of Origin, you can do the following:


- Go to the Application settings by clicking on your username.




- Scroll down to Client update and slide the slider for "Participate in Origin Client betas" to the right (it has to turn green.




Update 1


We're currently looking into an issue where players are unable to download/install any games in Origin and where they cannot log in to Origin on a Mac.


Now there is a potential workaround where you install the latest OS for Mac, High Sierra, but please be careful with this! In the future, OS/X will no longer support 32 Bit applications like The Sims 3. Please read this article for more information:


In order to install High Sierra, just go to the app store, search "High Sierra", download it and install it.


(Edit: marking this post as the solution for visibility and explanation. Please make sure to hit the Me Too button in the first post if this is affecting you - BluebellFlora)



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Re: Empty Game Library Server Error

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Like written, there was a temporary error. do you still have the problem?

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Re: Empty Game Library Server Error

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Hello. I have also problems with my Sims4. I contacted EA Games and they said to me that they have some server issues. My problem was that i bought Sims 4 Get together, 2 times (spent 40e for nothing Frown ) and i couldn't download it, neither i can't update my Sims 4. I don't know what is going on. If you have any info I would appreciate if u would share here. Regards

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Re: Empty Game Library Server Error

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Only a game advisor can help with your billing issue.

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Cannot re-install the sims 4

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Hi everyone!

As I was trying to change the language of the sims 4, I decided to delete the sims 4 and re-install it in the new language (bad decision lol). However, as I attempted to install the game again via origin, there was no option for me to install the game. I could only look at the "DETAILS" section on origin (see image below). I tried to solve the problem by re-installing origin but it didn't work Frown Can someone please help? Thanks so much in advance!!!

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Re: Cannot re-install the sims 4

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You were in recent games. Open the Game Library instead.

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My games won't download on a mac

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I used to play The Sims 4 on a PC before it was available to download on a Mac. So i managed to install origin to my mac but when I sign into my account it won't let me download The Sims 4 and all of the expansion packs that I have bought in the past. Yesterday, I bought the sims 4 seasons on my mac but it is saying that I haven't bought it, even though it's in my order history and money has been take from my card. So I tried downloading the windows version of origin on a PC and my games downloaded, including my recent purchase. I thought I had resolved the issue so I logged back into my account on my mac, hoping that the game would be fully downloaded but I still have the same issue of it telling me it hasn't been downloaded.And when I try to download it, it just stays on 0% for a while with the words "trying again", before telling me it can't download my game and that i should check my internet connection or try again later, which I have done several times. Can someone please help resolve this issue and tell me why it's not downloading on my mac, I've tried reinstalling origin and everything.

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Re: My games won't download on a mac

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update the mac. see other post.
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Sims 4 Seasons won't download after purchase

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I just bought the Sims 4 seasons yesterday and right after I purchased it, nothing popped up showing that it was downloading or that it even downloaded. It shows up on my order history and it charged my card, and when I go back to see my expansion packs it again shows buy for $39.99, not "play or downloaded". I've tried updating it, but it says the internet is down, which it isn't, and I can't find the files to clear the cache. ANYBODY, PLEASE HELP Disappointed

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Re: Sims 4 Seasons won't download after purchase

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 Make sure that your security software is not blocking Origin.

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