Peripherals not detected in F1 22

by stevegamb

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Peripherals not detected in F1 22

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For some reason, F1 22 is not seeing my wheel or pedals in game. I've done the Game Repair and the Origin Help people had me clear the cache, still nothing. I did not see any topics here on wheel problems yet.


(updated the title thread to reflect the issue better) - Atic 

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Re: No Wheel Recognition in F1 22?

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Hey everyone! 


I have sent this on for investigation to our teams, while we are investigating the issue we need some more information from you.

  • What Wheel/Peripherals are you using? 
  • What platform are you on?

Thank you for all the reports!


Marking this as solved to highlight that we are investigating it. 





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Wheel not working

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My Thrustmatsters T500 is not working on F1 2022, contacted forecasters and was told to contact EA, contacted AS and was just told to put a message up in this Forum, can anyone help me please, its not the wheel as its working for other games,I'm on PlayStation 4.

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Re: Wheel not working

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@poorlyorange666 I am having the same issue as well with my T300, all fully updated. The wheel is detected in game, but wont accept ANY one wheel inputs at all. Cant even navigate the menus with it.
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Re: Wheel not working


Posting proper bug reports here is the way to go I believe:

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Re: No Wheel Recognition in F1 22?

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F1 22 doesnt recognizes my T500 wheel. F1 2021 works fine with the wheel so something ist brokeb in the F1 22 game

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Re: No Wheel Recognition in F1 22?

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Same,my T500 is not working either 

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Re: No Wheel Recognition in F1 22?

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@Seahawk_8 Seems like a problem with TM wheels, especially if you have the T-LCM pedals as well.
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Re: No Wheel Recognition in F1 22?

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I'm using t300 pedals and Ferrari F1 rim,just getting passed around by forecasters and EA customer support,no help at all, just saying wait for an update


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Re: Wheel not working

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My wheel isn't even detected in game,just says if got my controller plugged in


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Re: No Wheel Recognition in F1 22?

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I have the same issues with T500 F1 Ferrari Wheel.


I have already driven F1 2021 with this steering wheel. But then I didn't drive for half a year. A month ago I wanted to drive a little again, but the steering wheel was no longer recognized! I checked the firmware of the wheeö, reinstalled F1 2021. But it no longer worked. In F1 2020 it is still recognized and works perfectly. Have also posted here already purely, but there was no response. Thought I'm the only one ...


For me it looks like, since EA has taken over there, it no longer works. If I could install F1 2021 without any patches, it would still work with F1 2021... Something EA has screwed up there. Very disappointing, because there is the problem already in F1 2021!

Good to have Champions Edition with 3 Days Early Access and can't drive with my wheel...

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