Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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@EA_Kent This is happening to me has there been any progress ?
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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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Any update ?

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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Ok so I got some info for us that I believe will help Standard smile. Every time I try to do ANYTHING online with this game it just crashes after a couple of minutes. Doesn't matter what the game mode is, if it is somehow related to it being online the whole game just crashes. I pulled up the Switches error history for the game and it comes up with the


error code : "2-A7CKA-0002"

Software Title : Super Maga Baseball 4

"You have lost connectivity to the online infrastructure. Please see ea.com/unable-to-connect for more information


Everything works fine if I am playing offline. 

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Fatal crash on Nintendo Switch

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Product: Super Mega Baseball 4
Platform:Nintendo Switch
Summarize your bug Late in franchise games (innings 6 and onward), the game can occasionally suffer a game-ending crash on the result of a play (caught/struck ball). When the game is relaunched, no save data from the game is preserved and the game has to be started from the beginning as if it had never been played before.
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? This can occasionally occur late into franchise games (after inning 5) and is more likely to occur when pitching frame rate is dropping and after many runs are scored. Performance on the Switch tends to suffer (frame rate decline) especially during pitching after many runs are scored, particularly after many home runs. The crash has occurred at different stadiums including Ciudad de Colores. The crash will occur on the result of a play (struck/caught ball). I have also noticed that exiting out and restarting the match without restarting SMB4 will improve performance during pitching and makes it less likely that the game will crash on a play.
What happens when the bug occurs? The game freezes and the Nintendo Switch default crash screen "the game has been closed due to an unexpected error" displays. The game is closed and no save data from the match is preserved.
What do you expect to see? I expect to see no frame rate decline in late innings of franchise games. I also expect normal play actions not to result in crashes. If the game crashing cannot be easily resolved, allowing for autosaving between innings would make it so that less of a game would have to replayed following a fatal crash.

This occurs on Nintendo Switch, the version downloaded from the Nintendo eShop and not a physical copy of SMB4 on game card.

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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Same thing happens to me, EA says they are working on trying to figure out the issue, weird thing is though for me I took the troubleshooting one step further and created a seperate Nintendo Online ID/child Account and when I log in with that user the game does not crash but works flawlessly.....however Nintendo says the problem is not on their end as it is the only game that this happens to on my system......I am at a loss.   Almost like my EA ID is being blocked form online functionality on EA's side.

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Super mega baseball 4

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Still crashing on switch

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Re: Super mega baseball 4

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Yep, same thing we all get.....wish EA would figure this out....what a waste of money for a game that cannot be played.

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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@EA_Kent Starter crashing again on switch
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