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Where is the option to but sim points?? Everytime I try from the sims3store it takes me here but nothing happens. :/

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@blitzbunni   You should be using the EA app if you playing on a pc.. Open EA app. Click library. click Sims 3 icon. Scroll down - should be first choice The Sims 3 currency.

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Re: Where to purchase simpoint bundles?

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@roseredpinball I cannot find where to buy TS3 points since the switch
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Re: Where to purchase simpoint bundles?

@michaelsr21  I've moved your post to the current thread for this issue.  Open the EA App, click My Collection, then Sims 3, then DLC, and "Sims 3 Currency" should be the first listing.  This is the same as SimPoints.


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Re: Where to purchase simpoint bundles?

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@puzzlezaddict Thank you so much
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Re: what happened to simpoints?? 2022

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I have used the new EA App to successfully purchase SimPoints for the Sims 3 game, I have done it several times in the past month or so.  It is almost "too easy" to do so.  Standard smile


Here's what see with the EA App, showing Sims 3 add-ins:


sims 3 add-ins.png


Click the Sims 3 Currency and the EA App will go through the process of adding a credit card for payment.  If you have already done that you simply select the amount of SimPoints you want to buy, the EA App defaults for me to US$20.00 (2,040 SimPoints) and shows a purchase dialog.  Click the purchase button and in a few seconds you should have your newly purchased SimPoints.

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How do I buy Simpoints for The Sims 3?

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Is it possible to still buy Simpoints for the Simes 3? if so where/how do I buy them? Every time I click on buy points from the game launcher it takes me to the EA home page, which has nothing to do with what I'm trying to do. When I try to purchase from the website, it does the same thing. Please explain how you can sell stuff with the simpoints but not be able to buy them???

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Re: How do I buy Simpoints for The Sims 3?

@Darklaya_knight  I've merged your post with the master thread for this issue.  Yes, you can still buy SimPoints.  In Origin, search for "simpoints."  In the EA App, click on the Sims 3 icon, then DLC, and "Sims 3 Currency," which is SimPoints.  Then choose the number you want and proceed to checkout.


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How do I buy SimPoints?

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I still play Sims3, and I'm slowly completing my game, but now I can no longer buy SimPoints which I need to buy new worlds and other items.
If I click buy SimPoints in The Sims3 Launcher it opens an Edge page that tells me that I now can download the EA app. Same thing if I go the the Sims3 Store page and click buy SimPoints, it opens an Chrome page that tells me the same thing, but I already have the EA App and no where in it can I find a place to buy SimPoints. Help! Don't you want sims players money any longer?


Edit #1: I did not post in this forum. Someone move my post here even though I want to know how to buy SimPoints for Sims3.

Edit #2: And now someone moved it again. Sigh. I had posted in the correct forum from start. This way I will never get a reply to my question.


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Re: How do I buy SimPoints?

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Hi @BylineBelife,

Thanks, I've corrected that and popped this onto the Sims3 board which should hopefully be the best spot for it to be seen and garner responses. When it comes to SimPoints for the Sims3, fellow Simmers of The Sims 3 persuasion may have come across a similar issue themselves and could help offer some advice.

- EA_Lanna

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