Re: the sims 4 terrain tools not available

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the sims 4 terrain tools not available

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Hi, I've just got the Sims 4, and when trying to build, I realised I couldn't find the terrain tools at all. When looking it up, I've found that normally there should be a shovel on top of the terrain paint tool, but I can't see that shovel at all and there's only terrain paint tool that's available, I can't level or scale a terrain at all. Every other glitch others had seem to be related to terrain paint tool, but I have the opposite problem.


I have pretty much every packs and game version is 1.46

Any help?

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Re: the sims 4 terrain tools not available

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You should have the game version to have a terrain tool
It looks that you don't have all the updates.
Go to Origin/Library - right-click on TS4 - option "check updates"
But if your game is running on 32 bits instead 64 bits you will not able to get all updates.
If your system is 64 bits you can change it to 64 bit in Origin

I don't work for EA
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