Re: Lagging After Recent Update?

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Lagging After Recent Update?

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Hello there simmers,


I currently have ran into some difficulty with my game. I kept attempting to play, but due to the lag, I put my laptop down for a few weeks just

to see if maybe EA would come with another patch update to fix it or if it would just go away.

My laptop (Acer Nitro 5) has ran the sims PERFECTLY until the latest updates. Literally the day before it, I was playing without any lag within the game play.

I'm really upset because I did spend $800+ on this laptop, and I know my gaming laptop is definitely NOT the problem and is way over the specs for a game like The Sims,

and again, this game ran like a dream before these updates.

I even updated my drivers to see if that was the problem, uninstalled every mod, and moved my CC out of the game, but still had bad lag. So no, it isn't my CC or mods.



I was wondering if EA is working to solve this, or will they continuously put the blame on people who spend thousands of dollars on these games and computers/laptops for these games?

Just wondering, is all. 


Also, I attached my dxdiag for anyone who doesn't believe me. **I have TWO graphic cards. Please look before telling me it is my graphics card.


Happy simming,





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Re: Lagging After Recent Update?

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Your Graphics driver is a bit old. Visit to update them.

Please describe the lag you are seeing in more detail.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.
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Re: Lagging After Recent Update?

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Sorry that I have not replied sooner; life is a little busy. 

I thought that my computer had updated my driver to the newest one, but upon inspection, you are right, it did not.


Thank you!!

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