Help installing custom content for sims 4

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Help installing custom content for sims 4

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I have windows 7 and when I try to download custom content I get A window pop up that says windows can't open this file. Is there a certin way I have to do this?

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Re: Help installing custom content for sims 4

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In The Sims 4, there are two custom content folders: Tray for lots and Sims, and Mods for other content. Both of these folders are located in:
Windows XP: Documents and Settings\(Your User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\
Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac:Users\(Your User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\

The Mods folder may contain sub-folders. If the Mods folder does not exist, it can be created manually. The Mods folder will contain a file named resource.cfg . If it is deleted, the game should recreate it.

Most content uses the .package extension, though the format is different from that used in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. As in The Sims 2, installing package files is simply a matter of placing them in the Mods folder, or a sub-folder of it; there is no need to do anything to the files other than place them. However, the archive file should not be placed in the Tray folder.

Lots and Sims use several different types of files. Both use a type known as .trayitem . Lots also use .blueprint and .bpi files, while Sims use .hhi, .sgi and .householdbinary files. These files can be installed by extracting them from the archive file they are in, and placing them in the Tray folder; there is no need to do anything else to them.

Script mods, which use the .pyo extension, are a special case. Unlike other content files in the series, which will not work if they are inside an archive file, these files must remain zipped in order to work. Therefore, installing a script mod involves placing the zip file in the Mods folder. Also, script mods must be specifically enabled in Game Options.


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Re: Help installing custom content for sims 4

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Okay. I have been trying to find the answer to this question, literally for years now.  Installing Script mods . The instructions say that the mods come in package and scripts. The instructions say the package files CAN go into a folder inside of the mods folder. I got that. (INSTRUCTIONS SAY, DO NOT UNZIP THE SCRIPT FILES),  Most mods that come with "SCRIPT", Files DO NOT HAVE THE "SCRIPT FILE", Zipped within a separate zip file. The "SCRIPT" File is LOOSE, Along with the Package File or files.  (You have to UNZIP the mod to get at the package files), in doing so, you will have (EXAMPLE),, two or three package files,  then one or more files ending in (.Script),  Do we have to make a zip file with the Script file inside now?????  We cant install it because it was unzipped to get the package files.  NO BODY HAS ANSWERED THIS QUESTION. ARE MODDERS TO LAZY TO ZIP THE SCRIPT FILES THEN ZIP THAT ZIP FILE WITH THEIR PACKAGE FILES INTO ANOTHER ZIP????????

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Re: Help installing custom content for sims 4

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When the Sims 4 came out it was required that Script files had to be in a zip file, This has not been the case for years. It looks like you were reading outdated instructions.

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