① - Linking EA account

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① - Linking EA account

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i need u to link my gamer tag with my ea account i have been trying it for a week.

i tried to add new persona but it wouldnt let me. it said somthing about it was for older ea games after i didnt put anything in there i wnt to add persona it went to 2 other pages were i saw somthing about my gamertag but the page stays up for 2 seconds. i seen a ps3 persona a xbox persona and a wii persona i think i went to click on the 360 one but it was unclickable. if u want people 2 not hate please fix ur page.






sincerley whats it matter

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Linking ea persona and gamertag

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I logged into ea with the same email and password as that on the xbox. For some reason my gamertag is not already linked with my ea persona. can anybody help?

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link xbox gamertag to ea account

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how do u link a xbox gamertag to your ea account???

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Re: link xbox gamertag to ea account

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Linking Your Gamertag, PSN ID, and Origin Account


The Xbox 360/Xbox One and the PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita both use their own types of account for managing your games and online interactions; Gamertag for Xbox, and PSN ID for Playstation.

For EA games, these accounts should be linked to your Origin account

Note for Next Gen Consoles: Your gamertag or PSN ID carries over from Xbox 360/PS3 to Xbox One/PS4.
If you have played any EA game on the last generation of consoles, please make sure you find and use that same account when you play on next gen.

Linking your accounts:
Your Gamertag/PSN ID and Origin Account should be correctly linked when you first access an EA game online if you use the same email address for both.
We recommend that you check your Origin account to ensure your emails match. 

If the email address for your Gamertag/PSN/PSVita ID is different than the address for your Origin account, connect them using the steps below:

  1. Open the Origin client and click the Friends button, then Add a Friend. If you do not have the Origin client installed, you can download Origin for both PC and Mac.

  2. In the Import Friends menu, you can choose to "connect" your Xbox LIVE, PSN, and EA accounts. Simply sign in with your account details to connect.

If you have issues connecting your account, you will need to properly link them by contacting a Game Advisor.


Did you forget if your Origin/EA Account is linked to your Gamertag/PSN ID?



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Connecting my gamer tag to my ea account

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i am trying to connect my gamer tag to my ea account can someone help me

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linking a gamertag

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i dont know how to link gamertag i click personas and it only shows a default persona when i click add persona it doesnt show any types of personas nothing shows up on screen my gamertag is furball876 it wont let me make skate graphics .etc

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Re: Connecting my gamer tag to my ea account

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Hello mrpanther1


The information located in this thread: "Linking ea account to my gamer tag" should help you resolve your issue!

We will merge your question to this main thread.

Feel free to post in there if you need more information and to let us know if this issue is resolved.


Thank you.

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Re: linking a gamertag

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Hello furball876 


We provided information to resolve this situation in this specific thread: "Linking ea account to my gamer tag"
Please have a look on the articles linked and post in this thread if you need more information or just to let you know if your issue is resolved.


Note that we will also merge your question to this thread.

Thank you.

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Re: linking a gamertag

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This is the suggestion I keep getting, but it doesn't help because when I type in my gamer tag it sends the email to the hacker! I've talked to customer support and because I don't know the DOB or info of the fifa 12 teams he created (why the hell would I considering I was hacked) they say they can't help me. So now my gamer tag and xbox are stuck in a never ending limbo until I magically come up with the date of birth the hacker decided to change it too or I somehow pull a rabbit out of my ass and figure out any information on the teams the hacker created for fifa 12. A game I never owned!

I googled this to see if it has happened to anyone else and about 9623964 people also have this problem. Is there anything I can do or anyone (besides Vaheet in customer support) I can talk to about this? EA, you were breached, badly. And instead of helping anyone, you just have us talk to people outside of the US that have no idea what they are doing and don't give a **bleep** about solving this problem. All I want is to unlink the hackers EA account on MY gamer tag and put MY EA account back on it. Obviously I'm not going to have any chance on knowing the **bleep** date of birth the HACKER changed it too. I'm not David Blaine!

I would really, really, really appreciate it if someone could help me. This is absolute bull**bleep**. If you guys cared about the customer you'd make an honest effort on helping me out here. Thank you.

If you can't remember what Origin/EA Account is, or if you're not sure whether you have one linked to a GamerTag or PSN ID, here's how to find out:
Go to profile.ea.com and select "Reset Password" (with link), then either
Enter an email address you may have used for your account OR
Select "Account Type" (XBL Gamertag or PSN ID)
Enter your Gamertag or PSN ID, and submit

Check the email address referenced on the next page for your account details. If you are still not able to determine what your Origin Account is, or if you have one linked to you Gamertag or PSN ID, then please contact us for help.

^-This just sends the email to the hacker, not me.

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xbox account

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i created an ea account with the email i use for xbox live but it still sais on my account i have no connections to an xbox live account please help ?

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