Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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Is there any chance at all that the team would be willing to remove all spiders and spider like creatures from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as us arachnophobic people simply can’t wait a game like this even know it’s a lot of people’s favourite franchise and universe. 

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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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Well, actually, my love for Star Wars ended up winning over my fear of spiders, so I decided to give it a shot and see if I can discover a way to make the playthrough experience as spider-free as possible. I actually found that you can avoid most of the fights with a bit of precision and attention to detail. I'll try to explore each planet to 100% and mark down potential encounters.




- Forest Trench: At the first workbench, where you acquire the slicing upgrade, one will jump on you from the ceiling, when you go to collect the Force Echo. This is also triggers a cutscene, better left unseen. As many others have pointed out already, this fight can be avoided by navigating around the web on the floor.


- Imperial Refinery: Two spiders will ambush a squad of Imperials after you activate the cutter. Here you can rotate the camera away and wait out the fight. On lower difficulty, the Imperials on the ground win easily, but on higher difficulty the spiders actually defeat the Imperials they can reach. However, two stormtroopers are on elevated positions that the wyyyshokks can't reach, so with a little of bit of patience, you can just wait for them to shoot the remaining spider dead. This works every time I go back and I used to it explore the refinery.


- Imperial Refinery: After the abovementioned fight, if you go into the cave on the left, you will have an experience you will regret for life. The albino wyyyshokk (the Kashyyyk world boss) will attack you, when you try to collect the secret. I read that it is actually possible to collect the secret without triggering the fight, again by navigating around the webs, but honestly I did not have the nerve to try. Rather, you can very easily kill this boss without ever looking at it. Just jump into the middle of the web to trigger the encounter, close your eyes and once you hear it, press the target lock button. From this point, Cal will always face the boss and keep attacking until it dies. Since you can't really avoid its attacks, it will take a minute or so, but you have more than enough health on story mode to just brute force your way through this encounter. 


- Kalyyystad Falls: After you defeat the three rocket troopers and the slug, you have to climb a rope to a bluff. Once you're up, look on the ground and notice the patch of web on the floor that you can easily step around. Just go around it and take the zipline down into the basin. You can avoid this encounter every time.


- Gloomroot Hollow: After you jump across the chasm where the wooden plank breaks beneath you and you fall into a pit, there will be one spider on top, where you climb out. Fortunately, it is fighting a slyyyg for dear life, which it ends up losing. Just wait at the bottom of the pit for a minute or so, climb out and finish off the slyyyg.


- Origin Lake: Now unfortunately, this is the first encounter you can't avoid in any way. There are two spiders on the shores of the lake, when you climb out. But again, lowering the difficulty to story mode, closing your eyes, target locking and hacking it blindly worked out for me.


- Origin Tree: After the long slide sequence and falling into the water, three spiders will be on an elevated plateau after climbing out of the water. Again, this encounter is not avoidable, but doable by target locking and blind fighting on story mode. Alternatively, I suppose they could also be pushed or pulled into the water - I assume this is why they are always so close to water -, where they would just drown.


Ordo Eris:


This is actually triggered on Zeffo, after exploring the tomb of Miktrull. On your way up, you are captured by a bounty hunter and taken to Ordo Eris, the asteriod stronghold of the criminal syndicate Haxion Brood. There, in an arena battle, you have to fight all kinds of monsters, but in the penultimate round, there will be one wyyyshokk. However, in this same round, there will also be a jotaz from Zeffo and you can just let the two creatures battle to the death. I only tried this once, but the jotaz won here.


Also on Ordo Eris, after escaping the dungeon and while navigating through the tunnels, you will see various creatures locked behind bars. They are the monsters that you will later fight in the arena. In one cell, you can find a live wyyyshokk, but it's locked behind bars and can't interact with you in any way. Just rotate the camera and move forward.


Also on Ordo Eris, near the end of the tunnels, you will come a cross a huge hole in the ground and three holes in the ceiling. While you are exploring the area, dead corpses will fall through the holes, presumable the victims of the arena fights above. Every so often, a dead whyyyyshokk will fall through. They are also non-interactive and can't hurt Cal in any way. However, to avoid a close-up of a dead spider passing you by on its way to the endless abyss, just wait until one corpse falls and then swing across. Every third or so corpse pile has a dead spider in it.




Dathomir is full of bane back spiders, they are found it pretty much every area you explore. There is no way around them. However, they are much smaller than their Kashyyyk counterparts, less scary and they die from a single saber throw. They do not have any horroristic nightmares like the web strangling on the wyyyshokks. They spew acid and dissolve on death into acidic puddles, so it's better to keep distance anyways. Overall, they look more like bugs and feel like pests, for me they don't induce that shocking arachnophobic horror that the Kashyyyk spiders do. I don't like them, it's creepy how they sometimes jump, but overall they are tolerable and very easy to dispatch in a single hit or throw. I assume this is why they are so numerous.


Generally they lurk in dark and damp areas, like caves, swamps and foggy ruins. If you see vines overhead, there is a good chance that one or two will drop down, usally in front, sometimes on both sides to make a pincer (pun intended) move. I think that after exploring the starting area (Strangled Bluffs / Upper Strangled Bluffs I think they are called), you'll pretty quickly pick up on their attack patterns. A good strategy is to prepare yourself mentally when you are about to encounter such an area, go into parry mode just in case and just slowly walk forwards. When you see one, lock target and throw the saber. A single hit will kill them.


Well, there you have it, an arachnophobe's guide to a mostly spider-free experience. Because my phobia is pretty extreme, even amongst arachnophobes, I think most players will have an easier time getting through these two planets, Granted you have to make one concession, lowering difficulty to story mode for a grand total of 3 encounters, but at least the game is playable and enjoyable. If you're an achievement hunter, you might lose some hidden achievement for lowering the difficulty, but for now I'm just glad that I could actually progress in this game without turning it into a living nightmare.

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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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@ClockendAFC Please say you’re kidding.
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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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@navyjoker2000definitely not kidding as I've seen this kind of topic come up in other games...

I try to not to berate people over it. A phobia is defined as an "irrational fear." Emphasis on the "irrational" part. They can't help but be terrified so it can be jarring... some people mod spiders ouf of the Skyrim runs, for example... but that said, I don't think it's reasonable to ask to change the game based on a small percent of people with a fear..

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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!


I have not yet completed the whole game, but I have not yet met a single place with spiders that could not have been pass without fighting them, you could always have passed, run away.


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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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@ClockendAFC There are lots of monsters in StarWars, and some of them happen to be spiders. I'm sorry for you if you're arachnophobic, but other games have other things certain people have trouble coping with. It's either avoid or confront I fear.
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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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I suppose the problem wouldn't be to remove the spiders. The problem would be to remove the hights, the narrow passages, the wide open spaces, the diving and the cluttered areas as well, and probably a lot of other things I'd never even imagine could pose a problem to someone.


Even I, who don't suffer from any of those phobias, have run into a lot of places ingame where I thought how glad I was I don't.


That said, I think it would be great if there were a possibility for people to mod all the those things out of the game as they see fit.

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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!


Hello there! 


Hahaha, yes I am acrophobia too(height-phobia).

But I like this game because fall damage is really small. :P


And, I like other Respawn's games too.

(Titanfall series and Apex Legends.)

Fall damage is extremely small or nothing for reasons.


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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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I've suggested a setting for us arachnophobes - something optional, where you'd be able to disable the spider models or even replace them with something phobia friendly.


I haven't been able to play since arriving at Kashyyyk. Right now I'm really dependent on this feature


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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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@Birkest Then I want a setting to turn off the bottomless pits. Why do I have to constantly go 5 miles above the sea level of the planet I am on? C'mon!!!
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Re: Why are there spiders in Star Wars!!!

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I wrote a lengthy message in that other anti-spider thread, detailing just how traumatic it was for me to run into the first Wyyyshokk on Kashyyyk (well that was a mouthful :D). It involved screaming, the accidental dropping of the keyboard and crying after a nightmare that night, which was induced by jump-scare spiders trying to strangle you to death with their webs (clearly inspired by that first encounter by the workbench). 


So, I don't want to go into too much detail here, but I'm 27 and I still can't shake my arachnophobia that I've had since childhood. I can't really explain this to anyone who hasn't felt this primal fear, but it's like getting a panic attack every time I see a spider or a (realistic enough) picture of one. I feel cold, my hands are shaking and I start to hyperventilate. The bigger and more sudden the appearance of the spider is, the more severe my symptoms are. I tried to overcome my fear with a therapist so many times over the course of two decades, but the best I could manage was learn to cope with the small household spiders that pop up in my home from time to time. I don't panic about this anymore, though I always insist that my father or boyfriend or someone reloce them outside as soon as possible - preferably alive. (After all, its not their fault that I'm so afraid of them, they shouldn't die just because I have a phobia.)


But this is completely different in FO, because the Wyyyshokk spiders are huge, vicious, disgusting and quite realistic. They chase you around, strangle you with webs, try to impale you and grab you with their pincers, it is the literally the worst nightmare any arachnophobe could fathom - huge spiders chasing you around and trying to kill you.


Although everything in me screamed otherwise, this morning I decided to tackle the challenge and complete the second half of Kashyyyk and fight the spiders. I forced myself to look at their models and tell myself that they aren't real. I felt dizzy, I was shivering and by the third encounter I needed to vomit. I asked myself, is this why I bought this otherwise fantastic game? Am I having fun? I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition because I love Star Wars so much, but is it worth to suffer psychological trauma scarring because of a game? Is this entertainment or torture, because it sure feels like both at times.


I started this game on Jedi Grand Master, just to see if I can impress my boyfriend, who wanted to impress me by playing on Jedi Master. To both of our surprise, I actually got the hang of it and really started to enjoy the challenge of the encouters and got to the second part of Kashyyyk with a nearly 100% exploration score in all areas. After I'd realized that how much I loved looking into every nook and cranny and uncovering every secret, I thought I might beat this game to 100% on the Jedi Grand Master difficulty. Alas, I never expected that the real challenge would come from facing the spiders and my deepest childhood fears.


Sorry for going off on a bit of a tangent here, but any non-spider solution I'd be forever grateful for. A friend of mine suggested using the pre-animation placeholder textures or models or just depixellate the spiders until they're not recognizable. You don't have to change any animations or replace them with different beasts, just allow us to fight the white placeholder cubes or circles or whatever instead. I'd far prefer that, even if it is a bit immersion breaking.


The Dathomir spiders that were in the arena, I'm ok with, I'm not a fan of them, but I don't get these panic attack inducing stress signs. I guess it's the smaller size and the lower overall grossness and also they die pretty easily. Dead spider models are also fine as long as they don't get up and try to eat me.


I'm sure there are lots of other people who have varying degrees of arachnophobia. You'd be doing us a huge favor by giving any option. I'm also OK with removing them entirely if that is the simplest solution. You could turn this on if you're like me or leave it off if you are fine with spiders.


You know what? Why don't you make a bit of fun of this and give an achievement for people who actually dare to face them? Give us an anti-spider mod and an achievement for all those people who complete the game without ever using it. Something like "I conquered my fear of spiders". That's one achievement I'd never get :D 


Thank you, I'd appreciate any help in this regard. 

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