SW: Squadrons - Known Issues & Announcements

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SW: Squadrons - Known Issues & Announcements

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Welcome to Star Wars: Squadrons!


To ensure you have the absolute best experience while playing, we've listed known issues that may impact your experience. We'll keep this list updated throughout launch, and will add workarounds where possible.


Release Notes

Invite Failed

If you receive the "Invite Failed" error message, please ensure you're inviting a player:

  • Based on their EA ID, not their platform user name.
  • Who owns STAR WARS: Squadrons and has logged into the game.
  • With the "Allow Crossplay" setting enabled.

You have been kicked by the Match Administrator

  • "Error 204 - You have been kicked by the Match Administrator" can sometimes be seen in standard Dogfight and Fleet Battle. This means that the sever kicked all players out of the game for some internal error.


Updated, Dec 17th.



  • The Origin  __Installer Folder doesn’t disappear until after uninstall and Origin restart.


  • Rarely, signature treatment will overlap with the pilots during the EOR flow.
  • The faction color might show incorrectly in the scoreboard when playing several games as different factions in the same Custom Games lobby.
  • When Auxiliaries are banned, they appear as usable on the ship’s dashboard on the Rebels side, for the Fighter and the Support classes.
  • The UI may be missing while waiting to respawn. Things will go back to normal once the respawn timer ends and you re-deploy.


  • Server-side changes are not updating in Fleet Battles Solo vs AI (including Custom Matches), hangars, and Practice.
  • The text chat does not work on any platforms when using a controller unless activated with the keyboard first.


  • Valve Index - Having HDR enabled results in colors being over saturated.
    • Workaround: disable HDR.
  • HP Reverb / Vive - In-world markers and icons are misplaced during gameplay.
  • Oculus / Steam - UI disappears when in fullscreen mode while using VR.
  • Oculus - Second action feed appears on screen if the HMD is removed during gameplay.
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