game won't

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game won't

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After an update for NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered, The game will not launch, I've tried launching directly from game files and as administrator, but no success. Origin says I'm in game for a few moments then goes back to "online" status, in the task manager it shows up in background processes then disappears. Please help!

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Re: game won't

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@iron-racer13 Hey, from what you're saying, the game ran fine before an update, presumably the most recent one?

Can you try a repair and see if that has an impact? You can find the repair option by right-clicking the game panel in Origin. 

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Re: game won't

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I've tried repairing, didn't work.  I even uninstalled then reinstalled the game and still nothing worked.

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Re: game won't

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Game does not launch for me either. I am starting it from the EA Desktop beta app and black screen comes, then exits in 3 seconds. Game does not launch. This is why I paid for EA account and it does not work at all. Shame.

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Re: game won't

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I'm having the same issue.. launches to black screen for a few seconds then exits.


I thought it was because I was running Windows 11 at first, but I then made a fresh install of WIndows 10 in a dual boot setup. Doesn't seem to launch there either... However in Win10 when I launch, it opens Origin, attempts to run the game and then seems to launch Origin a second time but nothing happens. (I'm running the Steam version btw)


Tried re-installing game, re-installing various graphics drivers, running the repair, clean booting windows... it's doing my head in... I've wasted pretty much the whole day trying to get this thing to work.


any ideas?

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Re: game won't

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I can't get my steam install to play.  It will load menu, then crash once I try to actually play a race.  Tried repairing, reinstalling.  Waste of time.

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Re: game won't

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Greetings @iron-racer13 @Motyon91 @FanFknTastic @PuteumDesperaci Cat


I know it's been a while, however is the issue fixed in the meantime? 

If not, have you tried changing the way the game is launched? 


Sometimes, booting the game in Windowed mode directly might help, as it doesn't overwork the computer (requiring less resources to start). I see some of you are trying to boot it from EA Desktop, Origin and Steam. I will leave the steps below, under the spoiler: 


 Origin / EA Desktop (Steps to be performed outside the client): 

Origin / EA Desktop (Steps to be performed outside the client)

  1. Right-click on the game desktop shortcut.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. In the Properties window, open the Shortcut tab.
  4. You should see a field called Target. The target field contains the original location of the shortcut with other parameters.
  5. Add the following parameter to the end of the target after the quotation mark:
  6. Click Apply and OK to save the changes.
  7. Launch the game using the desktop shortcut and it should open in the windowed mode.



Steam (to be performed within the Steam client):

  1. Open Steam if not already running.
  2. Open the Game Library tab.
  3. Right-click on your game and select Properties.
  4. Open the General tab.
  5. Click on the Set Launch Options button.
  6. It will open a new window with advanced user warning.
  7. Enter the following parameters to open the game in windowed mode.
    •  –windowed
  8. Click OK to save the changes and close the Properties window.
  9. Try launching the game and check if the game launches in windowed mode.
  10. If not, open the Launch Options window again and type the following parameters:
    • –windowed -w 1024
  11. Click OK to save the changes.
  12. The above parameter will force the game to launch in windowed mode with a set resolution.

As long as the game boots with these settings, you will be able to change them in-game afterwards ^^. 

Don't forget to let us know how it went xD 


Wishing you good luck Fingers crossed and a nice rest of the week! 



I do not work for EA. I am just a player helping other players.




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Re: game won't

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My problem is I can get in the game, adjust video settings however I want, queue into a lobby, and as soon as the lobby is supposed to start, it crashes.  It can't seem to load a race.  Nothing posted fixes that.

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Re: game won't

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@iron-racer13 hey did you manage to fix it? im currently going through the same problem i`ve tried at all but got no results whatsoever
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Re: game won't

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Nope, I totally gave up on this game.

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