Patch notes - PC Patch 1 (Nov 5th 2012)

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Patch notes - PC Patch 1 (Nov 5th 2012)

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Hello Need for Speed fans,


The team at Criterion has been working to improve the Need for Speed Most Wanted experience. Please see the patch notes for the PC Patch 1 below.


Patch notes - PC Patch 1 (Nov 5th 2012):


  • Microsoft XBOX 360 and Logitech RumblePad2 controller no longer start vibrating after finishing a Speedlist, even when having the vibration mode off
  • Certain button bindings are no longer being forgotten after restarting the game
  • The game is now syncing properly again after Origin was switched between Online and Offline mode a few times
  • The HUD no longer disappears when editing license plates under some circumstances
  • Everyone who pre-ordered Need for Speed Most Wanted should now have access to the bonus content in-game
  • The game no longer hangs on the loading screen whilst accepting an invite under some circumstances
  • The game should now uninstall properly without leaving certain .dll files behind
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