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Madden 18 Wishlist: QB Scrambling and QB Avoid Control

by JDAuburn

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Madden 18 Wishlist: QB Scrambling and QB Avoid Control

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Here is a great idea for Madden 18. Today, NFL now has mobility quarterbacks. Most quarterbacks are using their own skills to avoid sacks. Yes, Madden have Quarterback Avoid control. However, Defensive Tackles and some Defensive Ends are running down Quarterbacks with speed and mobility in Madden. Madden needs to improve in quarterback mobility to make passing game exciting. It will be amazing if Quarterbacks can stiff arm, juke, spin, and have their own special avoidance skills while in a scrambling process which means INSIDE AND ALSO OUTSIDE THE TACKLE BOX!


How this can work?

Easy! Whichever control button is unused during the passing process such as (Trigger Button), EA Sports can use either of these buttons for QB Mobility. For example (Xbox One), during a passing process, gamers can hold down (LT) to a scrambling process and use  player ability such as spin, juke, stiff-arm, or hurdle to avoid defenders. Please keep QB avoid for Madden. However, this idea will improve QB Scrambling for mobility quarterbacks.



Will this improve madden?

Absolutely! This can put Madden Gamers in key situations. This can really make this game fun for Mobility QBs to get out of sticky situation. Mobility QBs impact the NFL as today.



Improve QB Avoid Stick

Over the years, Madden avoid stick was not successful.Depending on avoid stick will determine a special move. Also, add Avoid stick panel to be able to spin backwards, ducking, and high stepping.  How to improve this?


Inline imageInline image



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EA Sports have to make the passing  game exciting with mobility QB. This is something that will excite Madden Gamers which EA will get a huge applause with this new feature.

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Re: Madden 18 Wishlist: QB Scrambling and QB Avoid Control

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No terrible Idea!!! Maddens scramble tactic is already beyond broken, and I mean that with every drop of blood in my body. All you have to do in madden 17 is have any WR do a crossing route or any other route that goes across the field scramble out pump fake and the nearest DBs will try to hit the QB leaving 1-3 WRs wide open which can result in big yardage or even a Touch down many people have been unfairly beatin with this. Cheap form of play..... and even madden has tried to correct this by adding a QB contain to the D-Line but regardless your D-Line will eventually get tiered and get sloppy
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Re: Madden 18 Wishlist: QB Scrambling and QB Avoid Control

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Well, 34 out of 35 people say that my idea is great. So........ See yourself out my articles 

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