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PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

by Arry05

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PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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I start FIFA 15, select the language then at the next screen I press X as it asks. The game immediately goes into a premier league match (Liverpool vs Manchester City), my controller being Liverpool. After a few minutes of playing the game stops and a error code appears CE-34878-0. This continues to happen, I also try to exit the Liverpool vs Man city match and it does take me to the menu screen (sometimes) where you can select career mode etc but will still crash giving me the same error code.


I have contacted Playstation and they advised to rebuild the PSK in safe mode (option 5) which did not work then I backed up my date and selected option 6 in safe mode but the issue continues to happen. I again contacted Playstation and they advised me to contact EA as it is an in game issue but after being on hold for 1hr 30mins I gave up.


I have only played 2 other games on this PS4 and this does not happen with those games. The controler also goes RED when I enter FIFA 15



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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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I'm in your boat to my friend. Whatever you do don't buy the digital version from store it just does the same thing. Hopefully its something they will fix soon
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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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I contacted EA through a live chat with an advisor and they suggested I do the following:-

Uninstall FIFA 15

Login to your router administration page. Turn off all UPnP functionality. Reboot your PS4 in safe mode using options 5 then 6 Restart your game.


The issue continues


I have also tried uninstalling FIFA then disconnecting the PS4 from the internet and reinstalling the game and continued to play it with no internet connection but the same thing happens


Today I went back to the shop where I got the game from as the EA advisor also mentioned about there possibly being a bug in the game. The shop (GAME) changed the disc for me there and then. I got home and disconnected the PS4 from the internet and made sure I uninstalled the last FIFA 15 I had and guess what.......................the same bloody thing happens.


I've spent hours now trying to sort this why is no one able to advise from Playstastion or EA?

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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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They have the same issue since FIFA 12 from what I can remember, exact same error code and everything. On the PS3 though it would just freeze and you would have to restart the entire system not just the game. It seem though like are not into fixing it so dont expect any help when it comes to the game freezing. Just try and work around it if possible.

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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0


My case is that whenever i try to do anything scout related on career mode (liverpool) this error comes up. not as severe as the other cases but it is still bloody annoying. 

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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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It happens to me too! When I play Ultimate Team, after a match, it automatically closes by no reason
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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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I'm also getting the same error message.  Had it during the FIFA 15 demo as well but didn't think anything of it as it was just the demo but now it's happening in the full game.


Tends to happen within any match I play, although it's also occured during career and ultimate team modes during the menu screens.


Have followed all the usual guides about re-initialising, rebuilding data bases, deleting save files etc but it still keeps happening.


Annoyingly, I'm getting the same error during Last of Us Remastered (not as frequently mind, but still!), however WatchDogs and Thief both run fine.


If anyone has any other suggestions I'd appreciate hearing them and PS4 support has just said the steps I've already folowed above.

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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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Hi guys


I have been experiencing this error also, however I have only been getting it when completing a match in career mode.


As soon as the final whistle goes and the post match report comes up, the game crashes. BANG! Everythime.


I spoke with EA today who sent me the following random solution:


"Log into your PSN account and load the game.
When the you get to the Main Menu, locate the Practice Tile.
Once you have located the Practice Tile, using the (RS) control on your PlayStation controller, navigate to the option: Select Arena Player.
Access this option and change the current player to any other player and then return to the main menu to complete the changes.
You should now be able to complete a Career Mode Match successfully."


I have yet to try this and I'll let you know the result.


It seems pretty random though, from what I hvae read elsewhere, this error code isn't exactly specific. People are getting it at all different points in a multitude of games.


Has anyone seen this particular solution before? Have you tried it out? 



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Re: PS4 Fifa 15 Error code CE-34878-0

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Happened to me with the digital copy so I bought the disk version and it still happens. FIFA 15 has now cost me £110 and I can't play it. Worst experience I have had with a game by far
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