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This year EA has did some amazing things to improve career mode on FIFA 16. But anyway we all think that career mode can always be better. Now we already can train our players in manager career, have new celebrations (run to the camera) and lots of new stuff. But honestly thats not enough. I checked some websites on the internet and alot of people want the same thing : IMPROVE CAREER MODE. Here is a list of some new features the fans of FIFA 16 want in FIFA 17:

-----------------------------------------FIFA 17 WISHLIST----------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Give all the managers a gameface, if you can add gamefaces to all the players of the BPL ( Barclays Premier League) how easy is it not to add gamefaces on the managers. Would be alot better then that old men.
  • Add a kit creator, how awesome is it not when you finished a season on your career mode that you can play with new kits, 1 condition: you can only use the club colours to create your new kit.
  • When you play ‘’my player career’’ start your first games as a substitute on the bench, if PES can do this function why doesn’t EA can.
  • Get full licenses of the Europa league, Champions league, Serie A, Eredevisie, Belgium Pro League, Ligue 1, Liga Portugesa. Would be a lot realistic when you add this licenses.
  • Import storylines, scenario’s and cutscenes in FIFA 17, Career mode like NBA2K, would it not be nice if you actually see your own pro walk into the locker room, get on the field or just see him signing his new contract with another club.
  • More questions in the press conference, it would be very nice to get the questions and not to talk about the other team and that stuff.
  • Youth team should have their own games that you can play/watch.
  • Manager reactions on the pitch, celebrating with the manager after scoring a goal or winning a title.
  • Managers and players should be posed with the kit when they sign for their club.
  • When creating your virtual pro you should get two coloured hairstyles.
  • Just watch games as a manager and change tactics while the game is playing.
  • Ballon d’or licenses
  • Online career mode as player or manager, how awesome would it be as you can actually start a cometition with your friends. This is something that alot of fans want in FIFA 17.
  • A team against B team in manager mode
  • If your team is not playing good for a long time, or i fits a derby the fans are using flares, banners.
  • After game interview cutscene so you can answer the questions about the game you just played.
  • More camera angles
  • Better/new commentary
  • Make it enable to retrain players positions like Diego Costa is a striker mak it possible that we can train him to a Central attacker.
  • We you start a career make it possible to choose if you want international offers.
  • Upgrading stadium ( create your own stadium)
  • Bring back ‘’creation center’’ in FIFA 17.
  • There should be a morale bar of how happy the fans/board are on your progress as manager or player
  • When you playing player career make it possible to sign a agent for your pro, cause now you earn your weekly fee as a player but you can’t use it. Let us buy shoes, attributes, agents and a lots of other stuff from that fee.

If EA import alots of these stuff, FIFA 17 would be a very nice and more selling game than PES. If you have any ideas please reply.

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that would be very nice 

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I can't believe no one mentioned THE POOR AND LIMITED TACTICAL DEPTH OF THIS GAME AGAIN! You guys are asking for useless stuff like celebrations and hairstyles but don't even mention the unexisting tactical aspect of this career mode. For God's sake this is a manager mode, you are supposed to manage your team's tactics and strategies, this is the most essential part of this job, but YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO DO IT.


  Am i the only one bothered by the lack of enough options for tactical and strategical adjustment???? Seriously this game is more suitable for 10-12 year old diapers. With every release the game becomes more and more simple.


Few suggestions:


1) Bring back the man marking. Man marking which allows you to instruct  up to 4 players to mark any single opposition player.

2) Bring back the custom formations/tactics. Let us to save them!

3) Bring back the options for defining players' positioning (runs' directions) and work rate.

4) Dynamic (fluid) formations - a kick-off formation, a formation for attacking, a formation for defending.

5) Option for switching the preset formations during the match by pressing a single button.

6) Let us decide where we want our players to be during free kicks and corners.

7) Let us decide where our players will stand and attack during free kick/corner.

8) Let us choose the players to join the attack at free kicks/corners.

9) Man marking opponent's players at the opposite free kicks/corners.

10) Let us decide for each player whether to join and support the attack/defence or stand back/forward.

11) Option for zonal marking.

12) Let us create geometrical   figures and shapes like triangles, lines (walls), diamonds, trapezia or squares/rectangles during both attack and defend in order to gain space or lessen opponent's space.

13) Custom music chants

14) Trainings for strenght, jumping sprint speed and weak foot in the Career mode


In fact this is not a wish for FIFA 17. I want to see these features implemented in FIFA 16, i already paid a lot of money and got nothing new, quite the contrary - realized that you've taken with your own hands my favourite tactical features away.

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this suggestions already have a game called Football manager

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Hey @Fcbruges007


Thanks for creating this thread and taking the time to provide us with feedback.


We'd welcome any feedback and ideas for future versions of FIFA. Please remember to keep all feedback constructive and civil.




- Andy -

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First of all, Football Manager is not a game, it is a simulation.

Second of all, The half of the mentioned features are in fact taken away. They were taken away back in FIFA 15 God knows why.

Third of all, FIFA don't keep in step with PES though the FIFA is the more expensive game and is not supposed to be so obviously outgunned in terms of features. PES introduced a lot of stuff like the fluid formations and option for switching the preset formations in-game. What did EA do? Nothing!

Fourth of all, the fact that Football Manager has got some of the mentioned features(i have never played FM), doesn't mean that we are supposed to get deprived of them. It's like saying i'm not gonna buy a Mercedes, because my neighbour has already got one.

And lastly because of people like you they prefer to get lazy. They know there are a lot of fools who will buy the game no matter how much it sucks. I'm one of those fools, by the way.

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I wish u could create ur own skill move like u can for finishing moves on wwe.


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yea.. thing that use to make fifa enjoyable .. was to be able to instruct team to man mark.. their key player...

also.. usind second man defending use to do auto standing tackle.. or putting pressure.. coz still in fifa 16 the def is not good.. people are using speed dribble too much...

also if possible they could allow to use legacy tactic in fut mode.. .

in fifa 15 we were allowed to possition a CB as SW... please reintroduce it..


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Before reading this, I just want to say that English is not my first language!!!




I have read a few of the replies now and no one seems to notice the biggest problem with career mode. You as a manager is bound to your club for 15 SEASONS!!! Not a single contract in the world is like the one you got when you play career mode in fifa.


Let me put it in another way. In the beginning of every new career you should get, for example, a three-year contract. Then you get to know what the goal for the season is and what the goal is three years ahead of now. You should also be able to ask for just a one-year contract or even a five-year contract there a five-years contract would mean that you had to achieve big things with the club in the future.


Let's say that you start a career with Newcastle United and you got a three-year contract at the club. Newcastle wants you to finish midtabel for the first season but after three years you should qualify for euro league. And if you manage to do what the club expects they will, after three years, say that they are happy with you and that they want you to stay. BUT THEN YOU AS A MANAGER SHOULD HAVE A CHOICE to say either “yes, of course I want to stay in the club. Thanks for believing in me” or “Sorry, I´m happy for the offer, but I feel I want to take on another challenge now”.


As usual you should get fired if you don´t live up to the expectations but if you managed to win the premier league with Newcastle at the first season the club would try to sign a longer contract with you. I don't like how it is right now there the club decides after every season if they want you to stay or not but you as a manager does´nt have anything to say.


And the "look for another job" function can be the worst thing I´ve seen. I can win Champions League with Wolves and yet it´s almost impossible to find a good club that wants you. And then you finally, and I mean finally, gets hired as a manager YOU SOMETIMES GET FIRED WITHOUT PLAYING A SINGLE GAME AT THE CLUB just because they were having a bad season... Incredible...




It´s though to play every game throughout a season. It simply takes too many hours for some. But if you use the simulation, fifa takes control of the game completely and according to me there needs to be something in between. You should be able to paus the game and make substitutions and I want to be able to tell my team to go defensive or attacking meanwhile the simulation is going on.




This is little things that does´nt really matter that much. But to face almost the same Chelsea after six seasons is pretty boring. Bring back the bars thats show how much the fans and board likes you, more in dept press conferances, more ways to communiate with your players, get a youthtrainer who tells you wich youngsters that are on fire at the moment and so on.

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1. You should be bale to create your own club


2. And to create stadium for your club

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