PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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I tend to get extremely low frame rate, lost connection  & buggy, broken sound quite often. Then after that the game can freeze up & force me to turn the system off at the plug. Or it completely chrashes me out on to the error/report screen. Yes ive reported it every time with the attached video clip. This has happened at least 5 times. 

Im using a standerd ps4.

psn: K1LR0Y81

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Ps4 slim

Psn id: Ashelbi_


I've had that crash happen 4 times now, it happened twice when attempting to close the game and my ps4 just completely turned off as if I unplugged it. The others 2 times happened randomly and I did report the problem when prompted. 

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Console: original PS4

PSN ID: kenlymann

Crash info: was downed during a bugged mission and thus couldn't quit the mission in-game. Used PS4 menu to close application. Console immediately shut down. Power button on console caused a beep but no light and wouldn't power on. Unplugging the power cord for 10 seconds and reconnecting and trying again caused the PS4 to start successfully.

Crash data was shared via the PS4 "Accept and Report" option presented on reboot.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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I have a ps4 pro

psn id: trinita357

I’ve met this problem twice. Each time occurs when i am in fast play with random missions to help others freelancers. The missions seems doesn’t want to finish (dôme bugs i guess) and when i want to end thé expédition myself, my ps4 crash and i can’t restart it i removed and replaced the alimentation cable.

yes i’ve reported it i think 

thanks for this game ans good kick


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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Playstation Console: PS4 Pro


PSN ID: BrotherEin


Crash Info: Have had several crashes, two of which powered off the console entirely.  It seems most of the crashes happen post-mission, either before, during, or after the results.  I have had crashes while loading a mission, at mission start, and while transitioning map areas.  With console shut-down crashes, I have had to physically press the power button on the console and it does a system check as if the console was unplugged/powered off improperly.


Yes. I have reported error/crash info every time it has happened.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PlayStation Console: PS4

PSN ID: DragonPhoenix01

Crash Info: My PS4 has black screen crashed (switched off) twice, both when closing the application from the PS4 main menu. In both cases the PS4 was unresponsive to being turned back on until I removed the power cable from the PS4 and reinserted. In both cases I had quit the game using the in game menu prior to closing the application. I have found if I close the application while in Fort Tarsis it does not crash the PS4 although this could simply be a coincidence. 

Have you reported your crash data when prompted? Yes I have. The PS4 reports error code CE-36329-3.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Console: PS4 Pro


ID: Tannalos


When: During loading screens between missions and the fort. I need to wait a minute before I can start up my PS4 again on the physical button on the console. Yes, I do report the crash data when I restart my console. It occured to me 4 or 5 times since release


Best regards.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Standard ps4

Psn - Sirhoey

Crash happened when I lost connection to servers and was taken back to title screen. Went to close application and ps4 shut down like I had lost power.


Took about 30 - 45 seconds before anything would work then power button on front of console worked to switch back on. Did an error check and seems fine now.


Wasnt prompted to report error as it was a hard crash


Not playing again until this is solved and if it had bricked my playstation I'd be getting you guys to buy me a new one this error is ridiculous.



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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PS4 Pro 2TB
Hard crash occured after closing the application while being in Fort Tarsis. It required an usual hard crash procedure of rebuilding the database. Only happened once.
I have reported this crash.
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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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I'm not asking for refund. I love the game, but can this issue please be fixed as soon as possible. I hate to not be able to play this game as it is an awesome game and challenging. I believe we will lose a lot of freelancers behind this issue, but this freelancer is here to stay. Hope that all goes well and I'll be tuned in for updates. Thank you EA

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