PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PlayStation Console: (PS4 Pro)

PSN ID:devilsarmnz

Crash Info:When does the crash take place? takes place walking around free roam and also when finishing mission's  System just stops until I close the application then get CE-34878-0


 Are you having to take specific steps to get your PlayStation going again?  sometimes requires power on using power button on front of unit does memory check and report

Have you reported your crash data when prompted? Yes for every example

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PS4 Slim
PSN ID: misterjon15

Crash Info: Hard crashed twice. Once when closing application, the other time was after mission. Had to press power button to restart and rebuild database.

Yes, I reported.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PlayStation: Pro

PSN ID: Icelop


I had such a problem 2 times. The first time I clicked to close the game (after holding the PS button on the gamepad). The second time in the middle of the game (I do not remember the moment). Both times reported a problem in the form suggested by the console.
It restored its performance by turning on the console, every time it turned on the second time, but only with a button on the console, it did not react to the gamepad.


У меня такая проблема была 2 раза. Первый раз когда нажал закрыть игру (после удерживания кнопки PS на геймпаде). Второй раз в середине игры (не помню момент). Оба раза сообщал о проблеме в предложенной форме консолью.
Работоспособность восстанавливал путём включения консоли, каждый раз включалась со второго раза, но только кнопкой на консоли, на геймпад не реагировала.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Playstation 4 Pro
ID : Ghutow
I had problems closing the game
alone during the missions, however console error being turned off I do not have.
Yes, I sent the error to Sony, always the same error when it closes CE-34878-0

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Punk Larence on Pro. Never had to do anything specific to get it working again other than shut down and start up again. No obvious consistency as to when it happens, could be in the Fort or out in the world. Always tried to report it but on at least one occasion the crash report screen crashed! 

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PlayStation 4 Pro with a 8 TB external hard drive. Anthem is installed to the external.

PSN: Theoden-W

It has crashed the PS4 3 times. Twice when coming out of strongholds and once when attempting to close the game.

Each time it required a reboot and repair in safe mode.

I have reported each crash to Sony with the word/s Anthem or Anthem Again.

Personal Note:
I won’t be playing until this gets fixed. If it takes more than a week I am very likely just to uninstall the game. I like the game. A lot. I’m willing to buy cosmetics. But I’m not willing to risk my PS4 to a crash. Even if it isn’t bricking systems this kind of crash cannot be good for the system. If it isn’t fixed very soon you’ll lose a customer. This isn’t a threat just the sad reality.
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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Says 11 days to upload

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Game crashing happens any time outside of Fort Tarsis, whether is be while playing or during screen loading. The one that shut my PS4 off today was in the middle of fighting during a quick play. The game completely froze for about 20 seconds. I pressed the PS button to close the app and that's when my PS4 completely turned off. I am really disappointed with the amount of bugs in the game. I'm sorry but my experience is actually worse than Fallout 76 and before this game I thought Fallout 76 was the worse gaming experience I've ever had. I hate to say it but I am now very skeptical about buying games from Bethesda and Bioware. 

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Hi, I've had this happen once on my PS4 pro when I closed the Anthem application and the whole console shut down. I had to pull out the power cord for it to start again.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PS4 pro Spiderman edition 

Crash: 100% game crash during or upon completion of quick play.

60%  crash when entering the scar strong hold


Occasional crash upon entering Freeplay.


Have reported 90% of the crashes through PlayStation

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